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Perkie's Observations: The Nurses Ball Brings Port Charles Together on General Hospital

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Eden McCoy, Laura Wright, Jacklyn Zeman

Eden McCoy, Laura Wright, Jacklyn Zeman

The first day of the 2017 Nurses Ball begins with Mario Lopez and Nina Cassadine welcoming guests on the red carpet.

Ava shows Scott the check she plans on giving in Morgan's honor. He thinks it's a bad idea to dedicate it to Morgan. Ava eventually agrees and tells Lucy that it's not in Morgan's honor. No one updates the hosts, so Mario announces it when Ava walks in. Ava worries about Sonny.

Michael heads over to Sonny's. He says he's not going to the ball, but will stay home and study Morgan's journal. Michael questions what set Morgan off the rails. Sonny is determined to find answers.

Carly tells Bobbie that Sonny isn't showing up at the ball. Valentin wonders what he can do to make things right with Nina, but she's not interested. He says Alex was the one working him and she's gone now.

Jason's still worried about the dream he had about Helena, but Sam tries to reassure him that all is well. Amy arrives dateless, so Nathan agrees to be her partner.

Anna explains to Griffin about the chimera and why she's still interested in finding out from Valentin where it is. While she goes into the ballroom, Anna accidentally drops the necklace.

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Sonny reads Morgan's journal and sees the notation that the lithium was 600 mg. He summons Andre over to discuss it. Andre says he noticed that too, but the pharmacy dispensed the proper dosage. Andre tells him the only way Morgan would have spiraled like he did was if he wasn't taking lithium at all. Sonny spots some residue at the bottom of the bottle and realizes it's something other than lithium.

Michael asks Bobbie about Nelle's condition. She promises that Nelle will be fine, but later admits to Carly that Nelle had a minor setback.

Lucy does her introduction. Nurses Epiphany, Amy, Deanna, Felix, and others do their opening number.

Charlotte is thrilled when Emma asks her to help be Jake's assistants for his magic trick. Jake shows them the chimera tube and says that will be the finale.

Anna confronts Valentin again. Nina sees and is upset by it. Jason heads out for a drink and finds the chimera necklace on the floor.

Sonny shows up at the ball. 

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