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Perkie's Observations: Anna Gets Information from Valentin on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Day two of the 2017 Nurses Ball continues....

Jake tells Charlotte that the chimera is powerful magic that he'll release at the very end of his routine, but warns her not to touch it.

Sonny's not happy with Ava for making her donation in Morgan's name. Scott interrupts, taking Ava away. Sonny complains to Dante that a year ago Morgan was there with them and now he isn't. Sonny tells Dante about the pills and that he's determined to find out what happened.

Dante says he needs to talk to Ava and Lucy again. Sonny is surprised to hear that Ava was at The Rib the night the pills showed up. Dante warns him to stay away from Ava.

Anna continues to demand answers from Valentin, who's not interested in talking to her. Anna calls Robert to find out how dangerous the chimera is. Andre shows up. His attitude makes Anna realize that he had a run in with Alex and apologizes.

Jason shows Sam the chimera necklace and believes it came from Jake. He shows it to Liz, who doesn't recognize it. Jason confronts Jake, who suddenly doesn't feel well when he sees the necklace. Jake decides he doesn't want to perform and wants to go home.

Performance: Amy, Valerie, Kristina and Emma sing the song Brave.

Nina ignores Valentin. He then asks Lucy for a chance to perform in exchange for a bigger donation. Valentin performs a Billy Joel love song to Nina.

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Andre updates Sonny about the testing of the pill bottle and says there was trace evidence of a placebo. I call shenanigans on that. That pill bottle had three different drugs in it at one point, so I don't believe there would be enough specific residue to be tested.

Andre says that would explain Morgan's erratic behavior. Sonny's determined to find out who set him up for a breakdown.

Ava's worried, but Scotty claims he covered her tracks. She says she only did what she did to protect Kiki.

At the hospital, Kiki checks on Nelle, who calls out Michael's name in her sleep. Kiki calls Michael, who leaves the ball to check in on Nelle. Josslyn calls Michael before her performance. Michael leaves his phone on so that Nelle can hear her performance. Nelle wakes up.

Griffin spots the necklace in Jason's hand and asks what he's doing with Anna's necklace.

Carly asks Sonny why he decided to show up at the ball. He tells her that he has answers about Morgan.

Anna confronts Valentin again. She tells him to be the man that Nina deserves by telling her what she wants to know. Valentin tells her that he sold the chimera to Helena.

Charlotte tells Emma that Jake doesn't want to do the magic trick anymore, but she wants to continue with it. Charlotte takes out the chimera and turns it on.

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