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Perkie's Observations: Lucy Sells Out Ava on General Hospital

Lynn Herring

Lynn Herring

Anna's upset with Valentin for selling the chimera to Helena. He says he was running for his life and needed money for his surgeries. Valentin says it's never been used, so it's not a threat. He tells her to search the island and destroy if she finds it.

Anna asks Andre about the chimera, which Liz overhears. Jason arrives with the necklace and wants to know it's significance. At first, Anna says no one has the clearance, but Jason says it involves Jake. Anna tells them that it's a biotoxin that was sold to Helena. Jason questions where it is now.

Sonny tells Carly that someone tampered with Morgan's meds and explains about the placebo residue. Sonny says Lucy and Ava were at
The Rib that night.

Jake yells at Charlotte for handling the chimera and shoves her. Nina's there to comfort her. Lulu then shows up, followed by Valentin. He takes Charlotte away and Lulu brings Jake back to her mother.

Performance: Olivia and Ned perform to George Michael's Faith.

Curtis tells Jordan that he got them a room for the night. She's hesitant, which upsets Curtis. Jordan explains that the issues are about her past. He tells her that he'll wait in the room and if she doesn't show up, he'll know she's not interested. Wow, what a romantic.

Sonny and Carly confront Lucy, who tells them that Ava had the pills because she was sleeping with Morgan. Carly realizes Ava did it to get Morgan away from Kiki.

Scott overhears and warns Ava that CarSon know she had the pills and warns her to get out of town.

Performance: Dillon sings Modern Love while Kiki flits around him. Later she heads back to work and he keeps her company.

Nina thanks Valentin for the song he sang in her honour. He says he's determined to get her to trust him again.

Jake is visited by Helena, who says he's disappointed her because he didn't keep up his end of the bargain. Helena tells Jake that he has to make Port Charles disappear.

Sonny confronts Scott about Ava's whereabouts. Scott says she's disappeared for good.

Ava heads to the gallery to get her go-to bag. Sonny and Carly arrive to confront her.

Performance: The nurses perform Hallelujah. Robin gives a video message of hope.

Jake tells Liz that he's ready to do his magic trick.

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