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Thomas Makes a Move on The Bold and The Beautiful

Pierson Fodé

Pierson Fodé

Zende wants to know what the doctor said. He reminds Nicole that she had a baby and the doctor is wrong. 

Julius insists that Nicole can have a baby because babies are important to the Forresters. Vivienne reminds us that they can adopt because Zende is adopted. Julius wonders how it will affect their marriage.

Sally calls on shirtless Thomas. Sally wonders if shirtless Thomas was able to calm things down. Not so much. He tells Sally he got fired. He explains that Zende replaced him.

Charlie and Pam hassle Vivienne and Julius about security protocols at if anyone ever gave a rat's ass about it before. Pam blathers on about Nicole and Zende wanting a family. When she leaves, Julius gets upset because that's what's expected.

Shirtless Thomas acknowledges that Zende has talent and potential. He and Sally kiss for a second, then she wonders what he will do. Shirtless Thomas says he doesn't expect to hear anything that will save his job. 

Vivienne tell Julius that he has to accept that Nicole may have had her only child. Julius slips that Nicole's baby went to Maya...and..well, Viv cuts that off.

At Brooke's, Zende tell Nicole that babies are gonna come. Zende and Nicole talk about what the doctor said. Zende sees the bright side because he's a man and no God would punish her. Nicole says she doesn't want to disappoint him. He reassures her that everything will work out.

Shirtless Thomas reassures Sally that things are okay. She tells him she loves him, but doesn't want to come between him and his family. She gives him an out, but he's not gonna cave. Although he ponders his future, he tells Sally he's committed to her. They do their thang on the bed.