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Perkie's Observations: CarSon Confront Ava about Morgan on General Hospital

Maura West

Maura West

The 2017 Nurse's Ball comes to an end....

Jake decides he wants to do his magic act even though most everyone has already left. Liz has a weird feeling about it all. She indulges her son, who should have been home in bed by now.

Anna tells Andre that if the chimera is released it's highly contagious and will spread like wildfire.

Lulu tells Laura that Spencer sent the magic kit, but Laura says she knows what Spencer bought and he wants to bring it next time he's in town.

At the gallery, CarSon confront Ava. At first, Ava tells the tale that she and Morgan were back together, but Carly refuses to believe it. Sonny accuses Ava of tampering with Morgan's pills to keep him away from Kiki.

Ava finally admits the truth and said she was trying to protect Kiki because Morgan was sick. Ava reminds them that Kiki was shot. Carly counters that it was Kiki's choice to date Morgan. Carly accuses Ava of hiding behind her kids. Hhhhmmm, someone else does that. Who is it? Who is it? Oh right, Sonny "The Hypocrite" Corinthos.

Ava swears she never meant for Morgan to die and wanted him returned to the hospital. Carly says Ava hurt him intentionally. Sonny swears he'll tell Avery and Kiki what their mother did and turn them against her. Carly says Ava will pay and will never be forgiven.

Amy thanks Nathan for being her escort. The she proceeds to bad mouth Maxie and her selfishness. Nathan really doesn't defend his bride. Several people recognize Nathan as "Man Landers" which confuses him, until he checks online and sees an advice column with his picture. Amy admits she took his picture and is writing the column.

Ava gets angry with CarSon. She picks up the oil lamp and throws it on the floor, setting the place on fire. Carly gets knocked out.

Jake "sees" Helena, who tells him to continue his act. Laura tells Jason that Spencer didn't send the kit and she's worried. Jason has a memory of Helena saying Jake would be the greatest killer of them all.

Jason tells Jake not to continue with the act. Jake pulls out the chimera and activates it. 

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