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Quinn Doesn't Like Being Blackmailed on The Bold and the Beautiful

Ashleigh Brewer, Rena Sofer

Ashleigh Brewer, Rena Sofer

Katie and Ivy interrupt Quinn and Eric's alone time in her office. When Eric leaves, she tells Quinn she's thrilled about seeing her designs in the next collection. Ivy and Quinn exchange irritated glances behind Katie's back.

Sally laments to Thomas that Coco should be a part of their new team, but says she's really happy at Forrester. When she tells him Coco's still mad at her, Thomas offers to smooth things over.

Katie blathers on about how much she loves creating. Ivy tries to slow her roll by telling her it took time and guidance to learn. Katie thinks her designs are ready for production.

Saul and Sally meet at the dumpster. Sally butters him up, then tells him Thomas is coming on board as head designer and her partner to help turn things around. She explains that Thomas may even be able to get through to Coco.

Coco is surprised to find Thomas in Sally's office. Thomas tells her he wants to talk to her about Sally. Coco tells him she's grateful for a second chance at Forrester. He tells Coco about the changes at Spectra. Coco wonders how he could do that after what Sally did to his family. While Thomas is talking, Sally comes in. She wants a chance to earn Coco's trust. 

Katie is getting pushy with Quinn and Ivy. She explains how her designs work, but Quinn shuts her down. She tells Katie that maybe she can have some designs in the next collection. Katie wants all her designs in NOW and wonders how Eric would feel about it.

Eric tells Ridge he's happy to have him back on Forrester lands. Ridge makes a mad dash home after Eric leaves for a business lunch.

Quinn tells Katie that her designs are boring and conservative. Katie thinks they are refined, elegant, and restrained. Ivy tells Katie that part of the learning process is being able to accept criticism. Quinn tells her as a designer she needs to push the boundaries. She adds she doesn't like Katie's veiled way of making comments. Katie warns Quinn about crossing her.

Quinn busts into the Forrester guest house. She tells Ridge she's concerned about Katie's attitude. Quinn insists that Katie is blackmailing her to get her designs in the collection and threatening to go to Eric. Ridge tries to calm her fears.

Katie goes to Il Giardino to see Eric, who was stood up. Katie tells Eric she thinks that she's designer material and feels like she's being stonewalled by Quinn. She doesn't think she's getting a fair critique. Eric wants to know if something else his happening. At his insistence, Katie agrees to tell Eric exactly what is going on with his wife. 

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