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Perkie's Observations: Liz Gets Through to Jake on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Hudson West

Rebecca Herbst, Hudson West

Jake wants everyone to stay. Anna manages to get Charlotte and Emma to safety with Laura, Lulu and Nina. Nina refuses to leave, but the Spencer women take the kids home.

Jake continues to see Helena and Liz realizes what's happening. Liz tells Jake that Helena has no power over him and she's not real. Jake is still conflicted. Liz continues to talk him down by telling him that he's strong and that she loves him.

Helena tells Jake to face that this is his destiny and to release the chimera. Liz tells Jake that love is stronger than hate and she'll never stop fighting for him. Jake turns off the chimera and Anna takes it away.

Sonny and Carly decide they're leaving the burning warehouse. Ava pulls her gun, calling them hypocrites. She accuses them of being lousy parents, of not seeing Morgan falling apart and needing help. CarSon have enough and take off. Ava tries to leave from the back door but it's blocked and she can't escape. CarSon hear Ava screaming for help to get out.

Ava passes out as Carly and Sonny manage to escape the building. They call 9-1-1. Dante gets the call and heads down there. Sonny swears Ava was alive when they left her. Dante wants them to come down to the station for their statement. Ava is found by firemen, who then take her to the hospital.

Amy thinks she's cute for using Nathan's photo for her insipid blog. Nathan tells her to either remove his picture or remove the blog as she doesn't have his consent.

At home, Lulu and Laura try to reassure Charlotte and Emma that everyone still at the ball is safe.

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Liz and Franco take Jake to the hospital to be checked out.

Valentin tells Nina that the threat is neutralized and that's what Alex wanted from him. He says it's not over until the chimera is destroyed. Nina heads out to call the police, but a man with a gun stops her.

Inside, she and Jason are held at gunpoint by two men. They demand the canister, but Jason says he doesn't have it.

Anna calls Robert to come and get the canister. Valentin's leaving with it when Anna stops him. She says it has to be destroyed, which is what Valentin claims he was going to do with it. Anna says Robert will handle it, but Valentin doesn't trust the bureau to destroy it.

Nina calls Valentin to tell him about the gunmen, so Valentin returns with the magic box. The men open the case and find the chimera missing. Valentin and Jason fight with the men.

Nathan arrives to help out as one of the men shoots Valentin. 

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