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Sally and Coco Mend Their Fences on The Bold and the Beautiful

Courtney Grosbeck, Courtney Hope

Courtney Grosbeck, Courtney Hope

Eric tells Katie she and Quinn have to find a way to work together. Katie says she's really trying to get past her animosity. Eric tells her he understands her disappointment, but wants her to hang in because exciting times are a-comin'. He's happy to see his family come together to work at Forrester. Katie's surprised to hear that Ridge is living in the guest house.

Quinn tells Ridge that Katie needs to be stopped. She claims that Katie wants to hurt her and considers her a dangerous threat. He tries to reassure her, but she knows how blackmail works. She tells him that she and Ivy have worked hard and Katie's designs are pedestrian. Ridge suggests that Quinn give Katie her own line because Eric can't ever find out.

Sally tells Coco she has gotten more forgiveness than she ever deserved. Thomas leaves them alone to talk. Sally apologizes again for betraying her. Coco says she's still hurt about being used and let down. Sally promises she won't hurt her again. Coco wonders if she can trust her after being turned into a criminal.

As Thomas is leaving, he bumps into Saul. He tries to tell him that the gals are having a private chat, but he still wants to go in. Thomas reminds Saul that he had a hand in Coco's thievery. He wants Saul to be a team player, but Saul tells Thomas he will only do what Sally wants. 

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Katie tells Eric she's grateful to be working and not stuck in a house all day. Eric asks if Katie is dating. She says no. They talk about the kind of man Katie is looking for. She tells him there aren't many men in Los Angeles like him. As Eric tabs out, he invites Katie to dinner. He thinks it will help if she and Quinn are not under pressure in the office.

Quinn tells Ridge that Katie's sketches are not good enough and she won't use them. Ridge's only solution is to give Katie what she wants. Quinn wonders how they got in this position and why they didn't walk away. Ridge and Quinn bicker, then he kisses her. They fall onto the bed.

Sally tells Coco that she took full responsibility and was willing to go to jail. She wants a chance to prove herself. Coco wrings her hands and repeats what Sally did to her. Sally pulls out the "us against the world" card. They acknowledge they don't like how they feel about this situation. Sally wants to move forward with her sister. Coco shakes her head in agreement and the two embrace.

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