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Perkie's Observations: Laura Reveals Valentin's Past to Nina on General Hospital

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Genie Francis, Emme Rylan, Michelle Stafford

Genie Francis, Emme Rylan, Michelle Stafford

Anna updates Nathan that she personally destroyed the chimera. Anna heads to Lulu's. She updates them that Valentin was shot and about his involvement with the chimera. Lulu worries what she will tell Charlotte.  

Laura's not sad to hear what happened to Valentin. She won't feel guilty if he doesn't survive the surgery. Lulu's worried about Charlotte, who would be devastated to lose her father.  

Valentin's in the hospital, waiting for surgery. Nina thanks him for saving her. Valentin tells her to remember his love for her when she hears about the things he's done. Nina doesn't want to listen. He asks her to go and make sure that Charlotte is okay.  

At the PCPD, Dante questions CarSon. Sonny admits he went there to confront Ava. Dante asks why. Carly explains about the pills and that Ava admitted to tampering with them. Dante thinks this is a motive for murder. Sonny knows he would be a prime suspect and Ava isn't worth it.  

Dante asks about the fire. They explain that Ava threw the lantern and they left, figuring Ava would get out the back. Sonny says Ava started the fire and trapped herself.  

Kiki worries about her mother's weird behavior at the ball. Dillon reminds her that it's not her job to fix Ava. Epiphany tells Kiki that Ava was brought in and has 20-30 degree burns over 50% of her body.  

Jordan and Curtis wake up in the afterglow and discuss how wonderful it was for them. She gets a text from Anna and heads out.  

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Nina goes to Lulu's to check on Charlotte. She tells them that Valentin was a hero. Laura sets her straight by saying Valentin set it all in motion when he stole the chimera and sold it to Helena. Lulu points out that Charlotte was standing right there and would have been the first one exposed.  

Nina doesn't believe it at first. However, she remembers the many times that Valentin told her he'd been a bad boy in his past. Nina tells them not to say anything to Charlotte. Lulu says she wanted full custody, but not like this.  

Anna explains to Jordan about Alex, Valentin, and the chimera. She swears she destroyed it at a WSB facility and it is no longer a threat. 

Carly worries that maybe they should have had Diane sit in on the conversation with Dante. Sonny's not worried. Carly wonders what they should do if Ava lives. Sonny's certain she'll be put away and that they now know why Morgan died. This doesn't relieve Carly's grief.  

Dante runs into Kiki at the hospital. He explains about the fire and the confrontation with CarSon. Kiki thinks that it's about Avery. Dante informs her that it was about Morgan and how Ava changed his pills.  

Anna's present when Valentin comes out of surgery. She tells him that Alex is in custody and will tell the WSB that he stole the chimera. Anna says he will be charged with treason and will likely spend the rest of his life in a super max prison.   

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