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Katie's Coming to Dinner on The Bold and the Beautiful

Heather Tom

Heather Tom

Quinn and Ridge are making out hot and heavy on his bed. Quinn breaks it off, wondering what they are doing. They keep talking about how they should stop this behavior. Quinn wants to leave and take a shower before dinner so she can wash that man off her (like so many before her).

Thomas and Eric are waiting for Ridge in his office. Thomas says he's tired of being passed over and sick of fighting with his father. He tells Eric he's leaving Forrester. 

Katie wonders if Ivy will be joining them for dinner. She says she can't because has a date (sorry Jack!). Katie tells Ivy that Ridge will be there since he's living under the same roof. Ivy explains that it's not the same roof and it's Ridge's home. Ivy tells her she's tired of talking about it. Katie whines that she's under appreciated and Quinn better watch out.

Thomas feels that he's being held down by other people on purpose. Eric surmises that Thomas is going to Spectra. He wonders what kind of partnership he will have with Sally if he's doing all the work. Eric tells him that he is disappointed, but wants him to feel free go find himself. Thomas and Eric say their goodbyes.

Ivy wonders what good it will do to break up Eric's marriage and potentially his company. Katie tells her there are many ways to have an affair, but their biggest evil is intimacy. She thinks it taints their relationship with Eric because they are keeping secrets. She questions whether or not she's being a good friend by keeping him in the dark.

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Quinn comes downstairs and finds Ridge. She doesn't want to see him without anyone else around. Eric comes in and implies Katie tells him everything and they don't. Quinn claims Katie despises her. Eric denies it. Ridge wants to know why when Katie's hurt she runs to Eric.

Katie tearfully claims to Ivy that she got more support and love from Eric than her own father. (HUH???) Katie wants to protect him now and wants to know what she's supposed to do. 

Eric wants to know how Katie's designs are. Quinn admits they can use one piece. Eric asks if she can include more. Quinn says no, Ridge says yes. Quinn adds that Katie can learn patience. Ridge tells Eric they have discussed having a signature line for Katie. Eric tells them Katie and Wyatt are coming to dinner. 

Quinn panics. She's worried that Katie will be able to read her face. Ridge wants to know why Quinn can't fake her feelings for a couple of hours. Katie arrives and takes a bird's eye view of the smoldering couple.

At the office, Ivy thinks about her talk with Katie and wonders where her loyalties lie.

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