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Perkie's Observations: Kiki and Julian Rally Around Ava on General Hospital

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Hayley Erin, Robert Palmer Watkins, William deVry

Hayley Erin, Robert Palmer Watkins, William deVry

Bobbie updates Kiki and Dillon on Ava's condition. She says the next few hours are crucial and the doctors are trying to stabilize her. Bobbie asks if anyone can help Kiki make the big decisions.  

Diane's at the station and is not happy to find out that Julian was released on bail. Jordan tells Julian that Ava is in the hospital in critical condition.  

Dante updates Sonny on Ava's condition. Sonny has no sympathy for Ava since she didn't care about him either. Dante says Ava didn't deserve to be burned alive. Sonny gives Dante the pills and tells him to make a case against her.  

Sonny says Ava exploited Morgan's situation and drove him to a breakdown. Dante asks what he'll tell Avery about her mother. Sonny feels Avery will be better off.  

Diane tells Alexis that she passed her review hearing and is a lawyer again. Alexis thanks Diane for standing by her. Diane tells her about Julian making bail. Diane explains about Ava and that Julian will be concerned about her. Diane warns Alexis to stay away from Julian.  

Finn wants Hayden to move in with him so they can be a family together.  

Nelle wakes up to Michael in a chair beside her. She tells him that he doesn't need to stick around, but Michael says he cares about her. Bobbie shows up and tells Michael to go home and talk to his parents.  

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Bobbie tells Nelle that she's on the mend and is still expected to leave town. Nelle doesn't want to hear it. Bobbie warns her not to make the same mistakes she's made.  

Ava's doctor updates Kiki and asks if she has a living will to know what decisions she'd want made. Kiki doesn't feel she can make the important decisions. Julian arrives and offers to go in first since Kiki feels she isn't ready.

Julian sits with Ava. Kiki tells Dillon that she can't face her because of what she did to Morgan. Dillon tells her not to turn her back on her mother.  

Michael goes to see Sonny who explains about Ava. Sonny says Ava deserves to burn in hell. Michael questions what Sonny's plans are if Ava survives. He warns that they'll all pay the price if he does something.  

Dante updates Jordan, who's worried that they're on the brink of a mob war. Dante says the fire wasn't Sonny's fault. Jordan thinks Julian will seek payback.  

Alexis shows up at the hospital.

Kiki shows up at Sonny's.  

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