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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Taunts Ava on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Maura West

Maurice Benard, Maura West

Lulu tells Anna that she told Charlotte that Valentin was hurt, but no more details than that. Anna tells her that Valentin will be arrested and stand trial. She warns Lulu that Charlotte could become a ward of the state if paperwork isn't filed. Anna gets the call that she has to arrest Valentin.

Valentin wants to leave the hospital against medical advice. He tells Deanna that he's ready to sign the release papers. Anna gets to the hospital and finds that Valentin is gone.

Kristina runs into Carly. She claims that Ava got what she deserved and Carly agrees. The two make small talk about how wonderful Morgan was. Oy.

Ava wakes up. Griffin is there to tell her that they are assessing the nerve damage and that she's on a morphine drip for the pain.

Julian is happy to see Alexis, who offers him a hug for support. Alexis tells him that she got her license reinstated and he's happy for her.

Kiki wants to know the details of what her mother did to Morgan. Sonny tells her that Ava admitted to switching the pills. He says Ava did it to free Kiki from Morgan. Kiki's upset that her mother was using her and Avery. Sonny reassures her that she did nothing wrong and that it was all Ava's fault. Kiki wants Sonny to protect Avery from Ava.

Nathan sees online that Man Landers is in talks for a publishing deal and he confronts Amy. He wonders why he doesn't arrest her for identity theft. Amy says she took down his photo. Nathan says he can't do his job as a cop if people are bothering him.

Julian sits with Ava and wonders about her pain management. Griffin tells him that they're giving her all that she can handle.

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Carly thanks Andre for all that he did to uncover the truth about the pills. Andre's upset at Ava's plan. He asks if Carly has closure, but she says nothing will bring Morgan back.

Valentin heads to Lulu's to get Charlotte. Lulu stupidly tells Valentin that he's about to be arrested and to do what's best for Charlotte. Lulu wants her legally protected. She wants Valentin to give her secondary custody. When Lulu leaves the room, Valentin takes off with Charlotte. Totally didn't see that coming.

Julian shows up at Alexis' with flowers to congratulate her on getting her license back. She wonders if he plans on retaliating against Sonny and in need of a lawyer. Julian says he can't blame Sonny for this and has no intention of starting violence.

Alexis says she's heard that before. Julian counters that he was protecting those he loves and asks if there's hope for them. Alexis doesn't want to hear it.

Carly tells Sonny that she wants Ava tried and convicted. She worries she won't pay. I don't know, I think 3rd degrees burns to 50% of your body is paying. Heck, Sonny got pardoned for killing AJ in cold blood, Ava gets burned alive.

Anna updates Nathan on Valentin's disappearance. Griffin wonders why Valentin wasn't handcuffed to his bed. Anna feels he was manipulated by Alex and basically set up by Helena for the fall. Griffin says Valentin needs to pay for his crimes.

Lulu calls Anna in a panic. She tells her that she told Valentin about the arrest and that he took off with Charlotte. Lulu worries that she may never see her daughter again.

Amy tells Kristina that the publisher is interested in a book deal, but wants to meet Man Landers.

Kiki runs into Carly and apologizes for Ava. Carly says she's not responsible for what Ava did.

Sonny pays Ava a visit. He tells her that everyone will know what she's done and that Kiki and Avery will turn against her. Ava begs him to kill her.