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Steffy Confronts Sally about Thomas on The Bold and The Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

After dinner, Quinn tells Ridge that she can't believe Katie and Wyatt are still there. Eric announces that Thomas is working at Spectra.

Thomas tells Steffy he's going to be part of Spectra. She doesn't understand why he would bolt from Forrester. He tells her that Spectra won't be stealing their designs anymore.

Sally tells her team that Thomas will be their lead designer. Grams tells Saul to get his ass on board. Darlita wants to know what mojo Sally put on Thomas (we know!). They wonder what will happen if things don't work out between them. Sally adds that Big Shirtless T gave her back Coco.

Coco whines to lumberjack RJ (LRJ) that she is conflicted about her feelings versus Sally's. She tells him Thomas helped changed her mind. Coco tells LRJ that he's working with Sally now.

Ridge is not happy that Thomas is moving on. Quinn thinks it will give him what he's looking for. Eric says he's not thrilled about it, but he's happy that his son and wife are under the same roof. Quinn looks worried and Katie scowls at her.

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Steffy is worried about Thomas' future. She regrets telling him about Bill's deception. He says he loves Sally enough to leave Forrester. Steffy walks out of her office.

Eric tells the crew he wants to see Katie's pieces (LOL!). He tells Wyatt that he's happy everyone is on the same page. Quinn promises not to let Eric down.

Steffy shows up at Spectra. She claims Sally stole again, but this time it was Thomas. Sally implies that she has seen a new light. A guiding Thomas. Steffy warns her about hurting her brother.

Eric leaves when he gets a business call. Wyatt and Ridge are alone. Wyatt denies that his mother is acting weird. On the palm lanai, Quinn wonders what Katie is up to. Katie thanks her for including her schlock in the collection. Katie kisses up that she's grateful that she's working because it fills a need for her. Quinn says her success is her success. Katie claims she has no intention of saying anything to Eric.

LRJ says he understands Thomas' move because Spectra women are intoxicating! (Ew!) He and Coco kiss.

In the master boudoir, Quinn tells Eric that she doesn't want to talk about all the drama. She wants him to hold her close and accept her. He wonders what is going on. She tells him she loves much.

In the guesthouse Ridge is all horned up...alone..with dark booze and a fire. Quinn tries to fight her thoughts whilst in Eric's arms.