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Julius Puts Ideas in Nicole's Head on The Bold and the Beautiful

Quinn gets a reprieve and no one called 9-1-1.
Obba Babatundé, Reign Edwards, Anna Maria Horsford

Obba Babatundé, Reign Edwards, Anna Maria Horsford

Quinn admits to Katie she's scared. Katie puts the gun down and tells her, "good." She waxes poetic about how Quinn should know what helpless and scared feel like. Ridge comes into the office. Quinn cries out for him to take the gun from Katie and tells him she's trying to kill her.

Nicole is with her parents. Vivienne doesn't see the problem that Nicole and Julius do with Maya working out of town. (I don't know why they didn't take that damn baby with them and hire a French nanny). Monotone Nicole comments that people's priorities are different.

RJ asks Coco to a concert. Coco talks to him about the conversation she overheard. She thought Nicole was acting oddly. She wonders why Nicole wants to take on all the responsibility when other people can help her.

Vivienne offers to babysit. Nicole says she has nothing else to do since Zende has to design. Julius assures Nicole that both doctors didn't say her medical issue was permanent. Vivienne leaves the two alone.

Katie gives the gun to Ridge. He says the gun wasn't loaded. Quinn explains that it was Charlie's and Pam was taking care of it. Katie seethes that there are more effective ways of getting rid of Quinn.

Lizzie starts crying. Julius tells Nicole he's proud of her for stepping up. He tells her that it's wrong if she can't have another child. He tells her he thinks it's a shame the way things turned out.

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Quinn freaks that Katie is a loose cannon. She worries that she will run to Eric. Ridge tells Quinn she wouldn't hurt Eric that way. Quinn breaks down that she was scared she'd never see her son or say goodbye to Eric. As Ridge pulls her close to calm her down, Katie walks in and screams, "Are you kidding me?"

Katie can't figure out why Quinn is upset. She has a job and a husband. Quinn tells her there is no secret to tell. Katie reminds them Brooke was supposed to marry Ridge. Ridge yells at her to stop. He wonders if Katie comprehends what she really did. She says yes and leaves.

Julius answers the phone on speaker. Maya tells him Pam is supposed to be there. Julius wants to know why she's reaching out to Pam when there are enough family members to help out. Maya claims she wants Nicole to have fun. Nicole tells Maya she's capable of taking care of Lizzie. She asks when she's coming home. Maya admits that she may be a couple of days. Nicole tells her she can handle it. Maya thanks her and Nicole hangs up.

Julius thinks Nicole should tell Maya about her situation. At the same time, he prods her about being Lizzie's mother. He keeps telling her that Lizzie knows that Nicole's her mother.

Ridge offers to take Quinn home and tells her they will handle Katie. At home, Katie festers on the Quidge moments she's seen. She peeps through her magic telescope and spies them on Eric's patio. She thinks Ridge touches her and freaks out that they are liars. She puts the telescope's bullseye on Quinn.

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