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Perkie's Observations: Anna Enlists Nina's Help in Finding Valentin on General Hospital

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Ryan Paevey, Michelle Stafford, Finola Hughes

Ryan Paevey, Michelle Stafford, Finola Hughes

Nathan wants to put out an amber alert for Charlotte. Anna points out that she never had a chance to arrest Valentin and since he has full custody, he can take her anywhere he wants.

Valentin takes Charlotte to a cottage in Niagara Falls under the pretense they're going on the vacation she's been asking about. Charlotte asks about Nina, then mentions how she didn't get to say goodbye to Lulu. Valentin says there's been a misunderstanding about him.

Carly stops by to tell Jason her woes about Ava. Jason warns her to stay away from Ava. Carly says Sonny wants Ava dead and she won't stop him this time. Jason says Ava's death won't honor Morgan.

Ava begs Sonny to put her out of her misery, but Sonny decides that she deserves to suffer and live a long and painful life.

Nina is surprised when she calls the hospital and finds out that Valentin checked out. Anna and Nathan arrive and tell her that he's a fugitive and they need her help to find him. Nina doesn't believe that Valentin deserves to be arrested because it was Alex's idea to steal the toxin. Nina feels he made a mistake and deserves a second chance.

Laura pays Liz a visit and the two discuss what happened to Jake at the ball. Liz blames herself for not seeing the signs that Jake was so obsessed with the magic box. Laura reassures Liz that her love for Jake is what saved him.

Laura tells Liz how the rest of the evening went. She tells Liz that Valentin was shot. Laura doesn't believe that redeems him. Liz says people can change and maybe Valentin will for Charlotte's sake.

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Lulu continues to blame herself, despite Dante's reassurances that they'll find Charlotte. Lulu suddenly remembers that Valentin gave Charlotte a cell phone and calls the number. Charlotte answers and says they're on a trip. Valentin takes the phone away and Lulu warns him that Anna will find him and to do the right thing by Charlotte. Valentin tells her not to contact them again.

Ava can't believe Sonny wants to watch her suffer. Griffin arrives. He gets angry with Sonny for being in the room and reading Ava's medical chart. Sonny mentions what Ava did to Morgan, but Griffin's not having any of it. When he warns Sonny that he could have him arrested, he leaves.

Lulu calls Anna. She tells her about Charlotte's call and that they were going on a trip. Anna demands Nina tell them where that might be. Nina refuses to be the one that ruins Valentin's life. Anna says they'll send other agents after him and Charlotte may be caught in the crossfire. Nina tells them that if they were going on a trip, it would have been to Niagara Falls.

Laura gets home and is upset to hear that Valentin took Charlotte.

Sonny stops by Jason's and tells them that the best punishment for Ava is to let her live and suffer. This does not sit well with Carly, who doesn't think Ava deserves to live and get away with what she's done.

Griffin explains to Ava that she has a long road ahead of her with lots of surgeries and risks of complications. Ava's upset. Griffin says faith can be a comfort and offers to pray with her.

Valentin gets a couple of passports from his minion, with the plans to disappear forever. 

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