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The Pots of Crazy Start to Boil on The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie and Nicole start to unravel.
Heather Tom

Heather Tom

Eric sees why Quinn isn't having any of Katie's etch-a-sketch doodles. He and Ridge agree that they are not up to Forrester's standards. Eric thinks Katie is better off in a boardroom. Quinn starts to look nervous.

Nicole calls Maya's cell phone and gets Rick instead. She makes snarky comments to him about Maya not being around. She tells him she's insulted that Pam was asked to look after Lizzie. Rick looks completely baffled.

Nicole rambles on about how she carried Lizzie for nine months, then handed her over. She think's she should be head babysitter. She reveals to Rick she had expectations that Maya is not meeting as a mother. Coco is listening at the doorway.

Pam hauls boxes in to Quinn's office. Katie ordered all the materials she needs so she can start designing right away. Pam is wearing a holster with a gun. She explains that it's Charlie's and didn't want to leave it on her desk. She removes the holster to put on a chain belt. She runs off without taking the holster.

Quinn and Ridge are concerned about Eric's desire to fire her. He doesn't see the need to keep her around. He expects Quinn to do do the deed. Eric explains to Ridge that he's doing Katie a favor.

Maya returns to the hotel. She admits she misses Lizzie, but is having fun. Rick tells Maya about Nicole's phone call. Rick explains that he didn't like her attitude and she was questioning their parenting. 

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Coco asks Nicole if she's okay. She looks oddly at Nicole when she says she's the only one who should be babysitting Lizzie.

Quinn asks Ivy to leave so she can talk to Katie. Quinn explains to her that none of her designs will be used. Katie counters that Eric approved it the night before. Quinn tells her he didn't see them until now. She tries to let Katie down easy by telling her that her skill set is better suited for an executive job. Quinn tells her that Eric is letter her go.

Maya gets angry that Nicole would question a working mother. She thinks Nicole is stressed out. Maya decides it's time to wrap it up and go home so Nicole can get back to her life with Zende. Although Maya is being understanding, Rick is alarmed at Nicole's behavior. 

Pam shows up for babysitting duty. Nicole lies that Maya told her it was okay for her to take over the schedule. Pam leaves while Coco watches Nicole.

Katie gets angry and claims that Eric would never fire her. Katie's anger escalates and tells Quinn that she's not the one who belongs at Forrester. She rails that people like her always win. She cries that she's the good girl who always loses. She tells Quinn her anger is about her and she ruins everything.

Nicole talks to Lizzie about the babysitting snafu. Lizzie calls for mama. Crazy Nicole tears up and tells Lizzie that she's right there.

Katie reminds Quinn she knows about her dirty little secret. Quinn tells her that she promised to keep quiet and will help her any way she can. Katie tells her she's morally bankrupt and invades her personal space. Quinn pushes Katie off her. Katie falls back on the chair and reaches for the gun that Pam left behind. She points it at Quinn. Katie tells her people like her are alone, but people like Quinn go home to a beautiful house and a beautiful man. She tells Quinn that she may show her what it's like to lose once and for all.