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Perkie's Observations: Sam Worries Her Family Is in Danger on General Hospital

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Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Anna lets Lante know that she figures Valentin has taken Charlotte to Niagara Falls. Everyone worries that if he takes her over the Canadian border, they'll disappear. Lulu insists on going to find her daughter.  

Lucas runs into Julian at the hospital, but wants nothing to do with his father. Julian questions his compassion. Lucas says he has none for him. Julian says he's sorry for what he's done, but Lucas isn't interested.  

Alexis questions why Sam looks run down. She admits that it's exhausting having two children. Alexis offers to watch Scout and sends Sam to a spa for a massage. Methinks there is a postpartum story on it's way.  

Sonny and Jason discuss karma and how Sonny let Ava live in order to watch her suffer. He natters on about how he didn't look further into Morgan's issues. Jason counters by talking about the pain he felt when he lost Jake. I just can't with these two.

Sonny complains that he lost his marriage in all this. Jason reassures him that letting Ava nearly burn to death would surely have brought them closer together. I mean really, I just can't.  

Charlotte worries that she'll get in trouble for skipping school. Valentin tells her that they're playing a new game with new identities. Lante and Anna show up at their door. Clearly someone's been using the super duper flying teleportation device again. They made it to Niagara Falls and to the exact cabin in about 7 minutes.  

Laura's shocked when Spencer shows up on her doorstep. He explains that he forged a letter from her saying he was needed at home and flew here on his own. Laura wonders about the security at this fancy-schmancy boarding school. Spencer says he's there to avenge his father's death and to vanquish Valentin from Wyndemere. His words, not mine!!

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Julian runs into Alexis and Scout. Alexis allows him to hold the baby. Julian lays it on thick about this being the only time he'll see his granddaughter. He's certain the DA will come after him hard. Julian says he knows Alexis loves him, but she points out that love is not enough sometimes. Like when someone's holding a dagger to your throat.  

Sam heads to the spa, but gets more and more tense during the massage. She worries that her family is in danger and leaves. When she gets home, Jason sees that she's upset and comforts her.  

Laura tells Spencer that he can stay for now. 

Valentin explains to Charlotte that the school wants her back and to go with her mother. After they leave, Valentin tells Anna that Charlotte is exceptional and deserves the best of everything.  

Anna says he's a good man for letting her go. Then, Valentin pulls a gun on her and the two fight over it. Anna eventually gets a hold of it.  

Anna places Valentin under arrest for espionage and treason. 

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