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A Shot Heard Around LA on The Bold and the Beautiful

Maya calls checkmate on Nicole.
Rena Sofer

Rena Sofer

Quinn basks in a fabulous view of LA with a steaming cup of Joe on the lanai. Katie, who may have been awake all night, is aiming the telescope bullseye. Ridge comes by to check on her. Quinn tells him she's in no rush to go back to work.

On the plane ride back to LA, Maya apologizes for cutting their trip short. Rick assures her they are making the right decision. Maya can't wait to get home to Lizzie. Rick thinks monotone Nicole is ready for a babysitting break. Maya tells him she called Nicole to give her a heads up.

Nicole and Zende are impressed that Lizzie finished her breakfast. Zende encourages Nicole that they will be great parents. He's confident his boys can penetrate uterine scarring.

Nicole judges Maya for being gone for so long. Zende tells her she done did a great job. Julius pops in to check on Lizzie. He fluffs Nicole's maternal pillow and tells her AGAIN they will make good parents. He also thinks that she can defy disease.

Ivy visits Katie to see how she's doing. Katie tells her she's angry and she hates Quinn. Ivy wonders what Katie is talking about. She says her firing is not personal but business. Katie insists Quinn is dangerous and must be stopped once and for all.

Rick tells Maya they are working parents. Maya agrees they are not neglectful. She wonders if there is something going on with Nicole. She doesn't think she sounded like herself.

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Julius keep chattering away about how God will give her a child, especially since she made that sacrifice for Maya. Nicole admits to Julius that she had her time and is happy Lizzie will be reunited with her parents. Julius pushes that next time she should be the full-time babysitter. Julius blathers on about her being Lizzie's real mother.

Quinn doesn't like that Ridge is around when they're alone. Ridge says he's just eating and she can leave if she wants to. Quinn brings up Katie being a loose cannon. Ridge doesn't think she's dangerous.

Ivy tries to soothe Katie, but she's not having it. Katie questions Ivy's loyalty and tells her Quinn treats her like crap. Katie rages that she's good, Quinn's bad, and as such, doesn't deserve to live. She kicks Ivy out and looks through the empty lens...waiting.

Ridge insists Katie will give up because he's always right. Quinn admits she may never feel comfortable about her. Ridge sees Quinn as a survivor and he tells her she will get through this.

Maya busts in all happy to see Lizzie and rightfully takes her from Nicole. Maya hopes she didn't put Nicole out. Maya says Nicole's the best aunt, like ever. Monotone Nicole blanks out as Julius watches her.

Quinn is on the the lanai, but this time the lens from Katie's porch is a rifle. Bang and fade to black.

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