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Perkie's Observations: Death Comes for Ava on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Valentin is not happy when Alex shows up to visit him in lockup. He regrets ever meeting her, but Alex says she going to help him go free. Alex says the WSB can't prove that he stole the chimera or sold it. She points out the only witness against him is her. Alex says if they both keep their mouths shut, they can protect each other.

Alex says the WSB will have to drop the charges and then she'll come find him. Alex feels they share a connection and she's the one that he wants.

Sonny tells Carly that in order to prosecute Ava they'll need Nelle's testimony since she caught Ava in Morgan's room. Carly doesn't think Nelle will help them. Sonny says she owes them and wants to make amends.

Michael's there to help Nelle when she's released from the hospital. She doesn't want his pity, but he assures her that's not what he's feeling. Michael knows there's another side to her and wants her to stay in Port Charles.

Kiki blames herself for Ava's sins, but Dillon refuses to let her push him away. He tells her that she needs to go to see Ava because she's her mother, despite what she did.

It's TJ's turn to be let out of the closet for five minutes. He shares a four minute scene with Jordan so she can tell him that she and Curtis are now an official couple.

Stella complains to Curtis about her dislike for everything Jordan. She worries that she's poisoned TJ's mind against her. Curtis promises that TJ still loves his great aunt and does his best to make Jordan sound good.

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Michael tells Nelle what Ava did with the pills and that he wants her to pay. The two almost kiss, but are interrupted by CarSon. Sonny explains to Nelle they're building a case against Ava and wants to know what she saw that night.

Nelle explains that she caught Ava in Morgan's room and thought it was suspicious at the time. Nelle agrees to give a deposition if needed. Later, Carly tells Sonny that she knows Nelle is being nice because of Michael.

Valentin tells Anna that she has no proof of anything and that it's his word against hers. She tells him that he's being picked up in 10-15 minutes, which upsets Valentin. He thought he'd be able to see Charlotte before leaving.

Valentin asks to record a video message for Charlotte and uses Anna's phone. His last line to Charlotte is that he'll be back to see her. Anna questions why he would have said that. The WSB agents arrive and take Valentin away.

Jordan shows up at Curtis' house, much to Aunt Stella's annoyance.

Ava is visited by her conscience who tells her that she's getting what she deserves and tells herself to let go. The monitors go off as CarSon and Killon arrive. They see the doctors working to save Ava. 

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