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Perkie's Observations: Dante Grills Lucy About the Pills on General Hospital

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Lynn Herring, Dominic Zamprogna

Lynn Herring, Dominic Zamprogna

Dante questions Lucy's involvement in the pill caper. She explains that she saw Ava toss them and admits she took them to blackmail her. Dante explains that Ava switched the pills and Lucy swears she had no idea.

Dante questions how placebos were switched with the 300 mg lithium while they were supposedly in Lucy's possession. Lucy remembers Scott in her room trying to get the pills.

Griffin and his team repeatedly try to save Ava, while Kiki worries and CarSon hope. Ava comes back to the land of the living. Griffin explains to Kiki that the burns are overtaxing her heart and she may have more cardiac arrests.

Stella's not happy to have Jordan show up and gets angrier when Curtis admits they're seeing each other. Stella accuses Jordan of destroying their family with her affair and blames Shawn for killing Thomas.

Curtis explains the truth. He says he told his brother about the affair and that Thomas lost it and tried to kill Shawn. Shawn was forced to defend himself. Curtis blames himself, but Stella still blames Jordan.

Stella refuses to forgive and forget, and says there will be no peace before storming out. Curtis wonders if his aunt got to Jordan and if she's backing out of their relationship.

Hayden returns from her excursion with the boys and worries that she won't be a good mother to their child. Finn reassures her that they are in this together. Finn tells her that the latest test came back positive despite Brad not being in the lab.

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Hayden points out that Dr. Obrecht has had it in for Finn since the beginning and has access to the lab.

Scott discusses Julian's case with him and says he might be able to spin it that Olivia coerced him into doing the things that he did. Julian gets the call about Ava and heads out. Dante brings in Scott and asks about his involvement with the pills.

Scott tries to deny it, but Lucy says he tried to seduce the pills out of her. She knows he got them out of her safe. Scott claims lawyer-client privilege and refuses to talk. Lucy claims CarSon don't deserve what happened to Morgan and asks what if it was Serena.

Scott says it's all hearsay. Dante warns that he'll find out who provided Scott with the lithium and build a case against him.

Kiki sits with Ava telling her that she loves her and begs her not to die.

Sonny and Carly crow that Ava is getting what she deserves. They don't mind Ava's suffering, but they don't like seeing Kiki suffer as well. Carly thinks they'll heal if Ava dies. She believes the'll find peace. The two kiss.

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