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Quinn's Shooter Has a Familiar Name on The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

Kimberlin Brown

Steffy and Liam are making out in her office. They ask each other how they are as if they aren't a married couple living together. They are meeting Sally and Thomas at Il Giordino.

Thomas shows Sally some clothes. He wants her to pick something out that will bring attention to their new brand. Thomas claims he's not trying to change her, but she understands they have a new vision to present in the public eye.

The family gather 'round Quinn while the police investigate. Baker goes to Katie, who rattles on about safety, her family, and that she's aware there was a shooting. Katie tells him he couldn't possibly believe she shot at Quinn. Baker explains the bullet came from her the direction of her home. He asks Katie to go downtown with him. 

Steffy whines that Thomas abandoned his family to be with Sally and the Spectra brand. Liam asks if he will do well at Spectra. Steffy admits that he will. Thomas has good intentions, but she doesn't know how much he can do with their brand.

Quinn explains to Eric and Wyatt that Katie pointed a gun at her after she fired her. They can't believe it! Eric wants to talk to Katie. Ridge wants the police to handle it. Eric leaves.

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At the station, Baker asks Katie if she tried to kill Quinn. Katie wonders where all these questions are coming from. She agrees to take the gun residue test to see if she fired a gun. The tech checks her hands and sleeves. Katie wrings her hands.

At the restaurant, Liam tries to assure Steffy the lunch will go well. Steffy says they are having lunch with the woman that stole their collection and her brother. When Thomas and Sally arrive, Steffy digs that she is happy to see him since they don't work together anymore.

Wyatt and Quinn talk about Katie. Ridge and Wyatt go out to the lanai to see the gun shot. Quinn reaches behind the pillows on the sofa and pulls out a pair of binoculars. She goes to a window and looks over to Katie's. She sees her in her house and wonders why she's not at the police station.

Sally talks about how Thomas has brought new energy to Spectra. She adds that Thomas changed her life. Liam tries to break the tension by talking about risotto. Sally feels the need to apologize again for stealing and reiterates she loves Thomas.

Eric shows up at the police station. Baker asks him how Quinn is doing. He says she's upset, but he wants to talk to Katie alone. Katie tells him Baker can stay. Katie tells Eric she was only trying to make Quinn feel badly. She denies she tried to kill her. She admits that she doesn't like or trust Quinn, but would never do that to anyone. She wonders who would.

Quinn goes over to Katie's, but Katie isn't the one she saw through the binoculars. She goes over to look through the telescope. She hears a noise and realizes someone is with her. She asks who the woman is. The woman turns around and says, "Sheila".