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Perkie's Observations: Stella Makes Life Difficult for Jordan on General Hospital

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Vinessa Antoine, Donnell Turner, Tequan Richmond, Vernee Watson-Johnson

Vinessa Antoine, Donnell Turner, Tequan Richmond, Vernee Watson-Johnson

Curtis worries that Jordan will pull away. She points out that in the future, it may come down to her or his aunt. Curtis is sure his aunt will come around to Jordan. Jordan reminds him that Stella still doesn't know about the biggest lie...TJ isn't Thomas's son.

Kiki sits with Ava and begs her not to die. Ava wakes up, so Kiki heads out to find her doctor. Ava begs the doctor to let her die. He asks if she wants a DNR order on her file.

Stella runs into TJ at Kelly's and the two have a reunion. TJ asks if she knows about Cordan and if she's okay with it. Stella reassures him. When Cordan arrive, Stella questions why Jordan made TJ think that she didn't want to see him. Jordan apologizes for all the wrong things she did and hopes things will be better going forward.

Laura questions Scott's involvement with Ava and the pills. Scott denies it, but then claims lawyer-client privilege. Scott says he was protecting Ava from Sonny, but Laura feels that Ava would have been better off getting arrested.

Carly and Sonny kiss as Josslyn arrives home. She is not happy to see Sonny. After he leaves, Josslyn confronts her mother, saying Sonny is the worst thing to happen to her. Carly doesn't want Josslyn judging her. Josslyn says it's a whole terrible cycle. She thinks Carly believes that's all she deserves.

Josslyn wants Carly to free herself from Sonny for good. Carly says they love each other and have been through a lot together. Josslyn counters that it's not a healthy relationship and Carly wouldn't want that for her.

Josslyn says Carly is talking herself into forgiving Sonny and will do whatever she wants despite Josslyn's concerns.

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Kiki's happy that her mother is getting better. Dillon says Ava still has a big fight ahead of her and it's good that Kiki is there for her. Kiki worries about the criminal charges Ava will face once she's healed.

TJ is not happy that Stella doesn't know the truth about his parentage. Jordan promises that they'll break it to her when it's time. Stella announces that she plans on sticking around for awhile.

Laura takes Spencer to visit Sonny and mentions how he really wants to stay in PC. Laura thinks Spencer is missing Nikolas, so Sonny offers to spend more time with him. Laura mentions Carly. Sonny says things are looking up in that area.

Scott runs into Dillon and asks about Ava's condition. He asks if the police have come by. He's worried what Ava might say under medication. Dillon takes offense to this and punches Scott. He says Ava and Kiki don't need Scott's agenda right now.

Ava's doctor updates Kiki that she's still at risk for infection and they will be starting to clean up her wounds. Kiki heads back into sit with Ava and is upset when she sees the DNR attached to the chart.

Ava says Kiki needs to let her go because she's better off. Kiki claims there is a treatment plan in place. Ava says she's sorry for what she did to Morgan and that she was just trying to protect Kiki. Kiki tells her to focus on getting better. 

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