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Eric Figures Out Who Sheila Is on The Bold and the Beautiful

John McCook, Heather Tom

John McCook, Heather Tom

Katie tries really hard to get Sheila out of her house. Sheila tells her she's not going anywhere. Katie Fletcher figures out that Sheila shot at Quinn because she's Eric's wife.

Eric wonders if Quinn is okay. Quinn thinks about why someone would want to shoot her since she hasn't done anything bad lately. She wants to know who wants her dead.

At Forrester, Pam and Ridge rehash Quinn's shooting. Like Quinn, they want to know who wants her dead. Pam acknowledges that Eric has brought Quinn a long way. 

Brill part ways at Spencer. Wyatt tells Bill that Quinn accused Katie of trying to shoot her. Bill thinks that Katie can be edgy, but not homicidal. Liam knows that Quinn could push until you snap (except you didn't). Bill says case closed, but Quinn has LOTS of people who want her dead.

Brooke tells Ridge that she's back AND with Bill. He tells her he would be her husband if he didn't screw it up with Quinn. She tells Ridge she is not in the mood to talk about Quinn. He relates what ha-happened to Quinn. Brooke is shocked out of her mind.

While Sheila is trying to get friendly with Katie, she secretly texts to Eric. Sheila claims he did her time and wants Katie to help her make inroads with the Forresters. Katie is aghast that Sheila wants her to vouch for her. Sheila only wants to make a fresh start.

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Eric gets the text. He tells Quinn that Katie's in danger and he's going to her house. Quinn thinks they should call the police, but Eric says he can handle it. He tells her to call Ridge.

Brooke thinks that Ridge is overly concerned about Quinn being target practice. Ridge tells her it's really about Katie being a suspect.

Sheila claims she's been rehabilitated and doesn't shoot people anymore. She talks about her horrible prison time and that she is only there to make them realize she's changed. Eric bursts in. Katie steps aside and Sheila gives him googly eyes.

Ridge shows up at the big house, ready to protect Quinn. She tells him about Sheila. He says that's impossible. She tells him that Eric is at Katie's right now.

Sheila tells Eric she wants to make amends. She wants acceptance and forgiveness from Eric. She gives him the business. He looks like he's on her train, but decides to call Baker instead. He tells Baker that he has Quinn's shooter.

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