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Deacon Confronts Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful

Sean Kanan

Sean Kanan

Some one shoots three times at Quinn while she's on the lanai...and misses all of them. Quinn rushes back inside the house and hits the floor. Suddenly, Deacon waltzes into the Forrester house through the unlocked front door. Quinn tells him to get on the floor because someone is trying to kill her.

Sheila tells Eric the evidence will speak for itself. Eric doesn't believe her and isn't interested in helping her make amends. She tells him if only one person forgives her, she would want it to be him.

Brooke is at work when Ridge shows up. Ridge tells Brooke that Sheila is the one who shot at Quinn. Ridge thinks it makes perfect sense and Brooke agrees. He tells her Sheila's in custody. Brooke asks him to keep her up to date. Ridge leaves.

Katie, who is now backed up from the telescope, slowly approaches it again. She apparently didn't hear the gunshots. She flashes back to the day she pulled a gun on Quinn.

Quinn asks how Deacon failed to hear the shots. Deacon calls 9-1-1 and tells them someone is using Quinn as target practice. He tells her not to worry because he will take care of her.

Sheila talks about her rehabilitation process. She had to look deep inside herself and examine all of her dastardly deeds. Baker comes in and tells Eric the restraining order was permanent and Sheila violated it. She claims she didn't know it was still in effect. Baker arrests Sheila for the violation and attempted murder.

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Deacon feeds Quinn's paranoia. He decides that it's time for a drink. Quinn tells him to be careful, but he reminds her he's not the target. He swigs down his drink. He wonders if she ever wanted him or if it was just a way to get to Eric. Quinn claims she dumped Deacon long before Eric came along.

Baker reads Sheila her rights. Sheila begs Eric to intervene, but he's not having it. She tells Baker that she understands her rights. Baker books Sheila and takes her into custody.

Deacon tells Quinn that he helped her with Liam and she threw him in the ocean. He hoped Quinn was different, but he misjudged her like he did all the others. Quinn is having difficulty feeling sorry for him right now. Deacon tells her if anyone has a reason to kill her, he does. Quinn wants to look at his phone to see how long ago he called for help. Deacon reaches behind his shirt and pulls out a gun.

Quinn tells Deacon he will regret shooting her. He runs down all the the things that aren't working out for him. He says he tried to do things the right way, but he failed at everything. Quinn tells him to think about Hope. Quinn claims they just grew apart like some couples do, but Deacon says she upgraded. Quinn tells him if he goes back to the AA program, no one has to know he was there. 

Katie looks through her telescope and sees Quinn backed up against the wall. On further inspection, she realizes Quinn is in danger. Oddly, Katie decides to call Ridge to intervene and not the police. She tells him to hurry over to the main house and save Quinn. Deacon pulls the gun to Quinn's face. Ridge grabs Deacon's shoulder and turns him around. He punches Deacon. Quinn holds on to Ridge like grim death and he tells her she's okay.

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