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Perkie's Observations: Spinelli Helps Jason on General Hospital

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Bradford Anderson, Billy Miller

Bradford Anderson, Billy Miller

Jason tells Sam that he's going to find out who sent the magic box to Jake. She gets upset and tells him that he needs to let it go or let someone else find out. Jason says the threat might not be over and he's the one to figure it out.

Liz brings Jake to Andre for another session. She's worried that Helena planted something else in Jake's brain, but Andre says he's seen no other sign of this. He suggests everyone treat Jake like the kid that he is.

Nina tells Nathan that she misses Charlotte and that Valentin signed the divorce papers before he was taken away. She believes he was a good man, but he was always trying to outrun his past.

Anna updates Lulu that Valentin is in a holding cell in the Netherlands awaiting trial. She mentions the video that he made for Charlotte, but Lulu doesn't want to upset her. Anna wants Charlotte to see the message, but Lulu disagrees.

Spinelli's in town and he pays CarSon a brief visit. He goes to a meeting with Jason, who explains about the magic box. Spin hacks into security cameras around Liz's house about the time of the delivery. He finds a license plate and hacks into the DMV. He is looking for the license of the man who rented the car.

Carly tells Sonny that Ava's condition has been upgraded to stable and worries that she'll never pay for what she's done. Sonny reassures her that Ava will pay, one way or the other. Since talk of Ava's death turns him on, he makes a move on Carly.

Carly stops the kiss and explains how angry Josslyn was. Sonny dismisses it, but Carly mentions getting Jax deported. Sonny blames his grief and wonders if she's still mad about it.

Amy wants Nathan to continue to be Man Landers to save her book deal, but he turns her down. Later, he overhears her tearfully telling someone on the phone that she'll find another way to get the money. Ugh, this story does not get better.

Anna points out to Lulu that Luke is her father. Lulu questions whether Anna is on Valentin's side. Anna says it's a sweet message with a promise to come back. Nina arrives with a gift for Charlotte and wonders if there's a chance Valentin will be set free.

Anna says the WSB needs a scapegoat for the chimera and Valentin will be it. She says his hands aren't clean since he did steal and sell it. Nina mentions Alex, but Anna says she's escaped.

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Nina says she divorced Valentin and asks if Anna thinks she's a coward. Anna says the situation is not black and white. She adds that he was a good man who did a bad thing.

Liz stops by Sam's. She wants to tell Jason about Jake's latest session and give them consent forms for camp. Sam gets a little weird and "sees" Liz holding a gun on her, but then snaps out of it. Liz is concerned, but Sam claims she's just tired since she's never dealt with a newborn before.

Andre does word association with Jake. He explains that even though he was stuck on the island with no one but Helena to talk to, he's not alone anymore. Andre reassures him that he's safe now and back where he belongs.

Carly tells Sonny that she understands why he did what he did to Jax because she would do the same to him. Sonny says it's because they're alike. Carly counters that's why they can't make marriage work.

Sonny asks if she still wants the divorce. Carly promises to sign over his assets so they can be returned to him. She says they aren't good at marriage and they should let it go.

Lulu returns with Charlotte, who is thrilled to see Nina and her gift. Nina explains that she won't be seeing Charlotte much anymore since she's living with her mother and new family.

Lulu finally agrees to let Charlotte watch the video, which she does with Nina.

Jason finds out that the man who delivered the box was someone named Phillipos Costa. He tells Spin that he recognizes him.

Liz picks up Jake from Andre's. Phillipos follows them. 

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