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Quinn's Life Is in Danger on The Bold and the Beautiful

Rena Sofer

Rena Sofer

Quinn gets a call that Sheila is being questioned at the police station. She tells Ridge he can go home, but he wants to stay. Quinn decides to have a drink to calm her nerves. Ridge pontificates that alcohol only makes one feel that way, but it really doesn't help.

At the police station, Katie admits her back gate was open. Sheila wants to know why she's being questioned. She tells Eric she would never hurt his wife.

Bill tells Liam and Wyatt and that the suspected shooter is Sheila, who is even crazier than Quinn. The boys speculate that Quinn is a target because she is Eric's wife and Sheila has a habit of terrorizing his women. Bill tells them she's at the police station.

Ridge wants to play fortune teller. He wonders what he could say to her future to make her feel better. She decides fortune cookie is better. She wants it to say, "The one you love will always love you." That would make her happier than anything else.

Baker asks Sheila why she was at Katie's if she wasn't shooting at Quinn. Sheila counters that she didn't have a gun. Katie confirms Sheila's story that she wanted to ask her how to reconnect with Eric and other people she knows. Eric believes anyone can change, except Sheila. Katie tells Baker that she can't speculate on what would have happened if she didn't pick up the poker. Baker tells her she can leave.

Liam tells Wyatt that Sheila has attempted murder many times. Bill pipes up that she shot Brooke. Wyatt is worried about Quinn. Liam tells Wyatt that Quinn is a paragon of mental health compared to Sheila.

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Quinn wonders why Eric is still with someone like her. Ridge tells her that Stephanie once faked a heart attack to make a point about his father's women. Quinn speculates that girls are not taught to star in their own movies. Ridge listens as Quinn relates that she thought her mother was going to kill her. They chit chat about their histories. Quinn admits that she knows a list of people would kill her, but is surprised it's a stranger.

Sheila tells Eric that he can ask her anything. She adds that she doesn't care what people think of her, except him. Baker leaves the two alone when he is called away. Sheila says she doesn't have a reason to lie. Eric ticks off her crimes through flashbacks. She says she was a different person then. She tells him she's in a program and she has to make amends even though she may never be forgiven by everyone. She started with Katie because she was the one who was always the nicest. She tells Eric she didn't shoot at Quinn.

Wyatt wants to leave, but Bill tells him to stay put for his safety. They turn the conversation to the building. Liam tells Bill they will have to find a new site. He heard from the horse's mouth that Spectra will be around. When Bill questions who, Liam tells him Thomas. Bill says he's the horse's ass. 

Baker looks over Sheila's file and comments on her violent history. She doesn't deny it, but states that she didn't do anything now. She talks to Eric and brings up the good memories. Eric says he remembers every detail of their history. He wants Baker to look up the information about a restraining order on file. If it is still in effect, he wants Sheila arrested. Sheila slams down her hand and firmly tells Eric she did nothing wrong.

Ridge tells Quinn he will get some work at Forrester and return to the guest house. Quinn tells him she never had a friend before. He smiles and leaves.

Quinn wanders out to the lanai. Katie looks through her telescope. Quinn looks back at the bullet hole and forward to where the shot came from. At the same time, a gloved finger pulls the trigger on a rifle.

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