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Perkie's Observations: Jason Warns Liz She's Being Followed on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Olivia's upset to find out that Julian is out on bail while he awaits trial. She gets even angrier when he tells her that he wants to see Leo. Olivia says Leo's happy with Ned as his father and it would only confuse him. She tells Julian to think about his son and stay out of his life.  

Julian feels his son needs him, and that Olivia herself is no saint. Julian thinks he can beat the charges and get his life back. Olivia says he has no rights. Alexis walks up at that moment and says Julian has legal rights to Leo.

Amy's not happy to see that Nathan overheard her conversation. When Dillon walks up to discuss the high school reunion, Amy gets angry with everyone and storms off. Dillon and Nathan make small talk about Maxie staying in Portland and Amy's time in high school.  

Nathan asks Dillon about Amy's brother. Dillon mentions him being a quarterback, but that he hasn't heard about the guy since high school. Nathan checks online then hunts down Amy to let her know that he understands why she was so upset earlier.  

Griffin finds Sam wandering the hospital halls. She says she wanted to see Dr. Lee, but she's unavailable. Griffin offers to check her out. Sam tells him that she's been tired and anxious. He offers to draw blood, but Sam decides she wants to leave.  

Griffin understands the trauma at Olivia Jerome's hands and thinks Sam may be experiencing PTSD. Sam claims that's not it. She promises to make an appointment with Dr. Lee for another time.  

Jason recognizes Campos as one of Helena's men and worries that he may still be in PC. Spin bangs on the keyboard eleventy eleven times to find the guy's credit card history. He finds out that Campos is back in town and has bought hospital scrubs.  

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Jake asks Liz what happened to the magic box because he doesn't want it back. He thinks he wants to be a doctor. Campos follows them around the hospital, hiding behind objects.  

Jason calls Liz and warns her that Campos is after her and tells her to lock herself in a room until he gets there. Liz asks Griffin to stay with her and Jake. Griffin agrees and has cute scenes with Jake pretending to be his patient. Seriously, why do we have Franco when we can have Liz and Griffin?

Olivia is not happy about Alexis' interruption. She accuses her of defending Julian when she shouldn't care about him. Alexis says it's about Julian's legal rights to Leo and for Olivia to be reasonable.  

Sam overhears and gets upset with her mother for defending Julian. She swears he'll never see Scout. Sam feels her father is a dangerous man who put her life in danger when he didn't tell anyone what his sister was doing.  

Sam storms off while Alexis tries to talk to her. Sam doesn't want to hear what her mother has to say. Alexis is concerned by Sam's behavior, but ultimately leaves her alone.  

Julian thanks Alexis for sticking up for him and says he still loves her.  

Jason gets to the hospital and chases after Campos, who runs up to the roof. Campos says it's best if they both walk away. Instead, the two start fighting.  

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