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Perkie's Observations: Laura Makes a Decision About Her Future on General Hospital

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Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis

Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis

Jason points out that Helena is dead. He asks who Campos is working for now. Campos says he's only doing what Helena made him do. The two fight repeatedly.

Amy's upset at Nathan's nosiness. She proceeds to explain the entire story of her brother Chet. Chet was the greatest brother in the history of all brothers. He went to fight in Afghanistan and came back injured. He was placed in a group home. Mom paid the bills until she died (are you crying yet?) so Amy took them over. Since Amy's only a nurse and apparently gets paid in peanut butter sandwiches, she's having trouble financially. This is why she decided to turn the blog into a book publishing deal. Nathan sees all of the financial bills that Amy "accidentally" spills out and agrees to meet the publishers as Man Landers. Oy. You know what I'm saying!

Laura worries that she and Spencer are taking up too much room in Lulu's house, but Lulu reassures her. Spencer gets angry at Charlotte. When Laura demands an explanation, Spencer reminds her that Valentin took his life and his father's.

Laura reprimands Spencer. She tells him it's not Charlotte's fault and he can't take out his anger on his cousin. Spencer agrees to calm down, but then breaks the puzzle the family was working on.

Liz and Jake are still locked into the exam room. Hayden has an attack of morning sickness and lets herself into their room to puke. Liz figures out that Hayden is pregnant. Hayden questions this whole parenting thing. Liz reassures her that all will work out.

Kevin runs into Sam. She admits she feels something is off with Jason and worries about the two years that are unaccounted for. Well that's easy, he was dead.

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Sam heads to the hospital roof where she and two PCPD officers find Jason and Campos fighting. Campos is taken into custody. Jason finds Liz and lets her know that the threat has passed. Jason reassures Liz that Campos doesn't answer to anyone and was only doing Helena's bidding.

Kevin stops by to take Laura out on a date and Spencer tags along. Laura confides to Kevin that she indulges Spencer, but worries because of the tragedy he's endured. She admits that it's likely time for her to move out of Lulu's house.

Kevin asks Laura to move in with him. Laura's not certain since they haven't been together that long. Kevin says he loves her and that won't change. Laura points out that Spencer comes with her. Kevin is fine with that, so Laura agrees.

Charlotte admits that she misses her father and wonders if that uspets Lulu. Lulu promises that it doesn't since they are all a family now.

Sam has an episode where she sees Jason bloody. She admits to him that she's not okay. 

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