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Perkie's Observations: Ned Gives Olivia Advice on General Hospital

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Wally Kurth, Lisa LoCicero

Wally Kurth, Lisa LoCicero

Sam is angry with Jason for going after Campos alone and almost getting killed. Jason reassures her, but Sam says they have two kids and him risking his life is scaring her.

Griffin stops by to question Sonny's motives regarding Ava. Sonny reminds him that Morgan was killed by Ava, but that he has no plans to kill her. Sonny says the universe is balancing the scales with Ava suffering. Griffin feels Ava deserved redemption. Sonny brings up Julian and whether Griffin has forgiven him for Duke's death.

Carly tells Michael that she's giving Sonny his assets back, but they're still getting divorced. She feels they'll be happier as friends. Michael mentions Nelle, so Carly questions his feelings for her. Michael says Nelle is turning her life around and deserves credit. Carly warns that Nelle will end up hurting him.

Julian visits with Ava and promises to help her beat this. He spots the DNR. Ava says she wants things on her own terms. Ava complains about the lifetime of pain she will suffer through. Julian questions why she messed with Morgan's meds in the first place. Ava says it was about saving Kiki, but that she wants this to be over. Julian tells her that Sonny wants her to quit and not to let him win. Julian promises to help her through this.

Spencer overhears Kevin and Laura planning to move in together. He asks Kevin what his intentions are regarding his grandmother. Kevin says he loves Laura and is in it for the long haul. Spencer asks about marriage, but Kevin says he's not ready to rush in. Laura says it's her decision if they move in with Kevin. Spencer agrees to the new living arrangements.

Olivia's upset when Diane refuses to take on her custody case against Julian. Ned wonders if she really wants to go through with it. He points out that right now she has full custody, but if she pushes, Julian might be granted partial custody. Ned tells her to be patient, then talks about their marriage.

Nelle stops by the mansion to tell Michael that a recruiter called her for a job interview. She says it was a subsidiary of ELQ and doesn't want to depend on Michael for a job. Nelle says she turned it down.

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Michael says something about them seeing each other, which is news to Nelle. She thought they were just being friends.

Julian runs into Griffin and says he plans to atone for all that he's done. He asks why Griffin is visiting Ava. Griffin says they pray together, which Julian is glad about.

At home, Sam apologizes to Jason for snapping at him and overreacting. The two have sex. When he's sleeping, Sam gets a butcher knife and brings it to bed with her.

Sonny summons Carly and tells her there is a problem at the casino. Since she's the current owner, she needs to go down there to deal with it. He offers to go with her.

Epiphany changes Ava's bandages. Ava wants to see herself in the mirror, despite Pif's concerns. Julian hears Ava screaming.

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