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Zende Encourages Nicole To Do the Right Thing on The Bold and the Beautiful

Rome Flynn, Reign Edwards

Rome Flynn, Reign Edwards

Nicole turns away from Rick, who tells her to do the right thing and sign the papers. As his voice rises up in frustration, Zende comes into the office. He steps between Rick and Nicole. He tells Rick not to raise his voice to his wife again. Rick apologizes. He tells Zende that Nicole won't sign the papers. 

Spectra doesn't have air conditioning that works. Thomas thinks he can design better in a hot office without a shirt on. He tells Sally he would have updated the air conditioning in the building, along with everything else on the list.

Coco tells RJ she loves everything about Forrester. Despite all the new, positive changes at Spectra, she's happy where she is. Coco tells RJ that she wants to help Nicole.

Thomas admits he is hitting a brick wall getting contacts to call back and take Spectra seriously. Sally stands in front of the fan and opens her shirt. Thomas tells Sally he didn't know how hard it was on her to get her name up and running. They kiss while sitting on her desk.

Maya is concerned about Nicole's behavior. Rick tells Maya he left Zende with Nicole, hoping he could get through to her. Zende encourages Nicole about their family. He thinks he hasn't been supportive enough. He tells Nicole that Rick and Maya are Lizzie's parents.

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Thomas tells Sally he loves that she's feisty and strong. Sally thinks it will be hard to get Spectra the respect it needs to succeed. She hopes having Thomas on board will help them achieve their goals together. Thomas and Sally get heated up and start making out in the office.

Zende tells Nicole he can see the fear and doubt she's been carrying around. He tells her she's not alone and the can just keep trying like they always have. He acknowledges that having Lizzie around so much has strengthened their bond. Zende adds that she gave her sister a beautiful gift and Nicole can't take it away from them. He hands the papers to Nicole. 

Maya tells Rick that she thought something was off about Nicole when they were in Paris. Rick tells her that what she's doing is wrong despite her dealing with her medical issues. He believes that deep down, she knows it. Maya says she won't rest easy until the papers are signed.

Nicole tells Zende she can't help it. She talks about being called mama and how Lizzie looks at her when she holds her. Zende tells her that he couldn't possibly understand what she's feeling, but he doesn't like the stress and uncertainty it is causing her. He tells her it's unhealthy. He adds that they will have their own family when the time is right. Now however, she has to sign the papers. 

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