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Julius Shreds Maya in Favor of Nicole on The Bold and the Beautiful

Obba Babatundé, Karla Mosley

Obba Babatundé, Karla Mosley

Zende tells Nicole that she will always be a part of Lizzy's life, but not as her mother. Zende reiterates...again...that what she wants to do is wrong. He explains that their family and connections would fall apart if they suddenly took Lizzy away from the Forresters.

Shirtless, sweaty Thomas assures Sally they will make money soon enough. She tells Thomas that she loves the new logo and hopes it takes off. When the subject of Saul comes up, Thomas says he will handle him. Sally wants him to hold off until they finalize their plans.

Julius shows up at Forrester. Rick tells him they don't expect Nicole to back out of their agreement. Julius antagonizes Rick and Maya, trying to make them feel guilty. Rick concedes Nicole's feeling overwhelmed and is trying to be understanding, but he expects her to follow through. Rick leaves to go talk to Carter.

Julius taunts Maya that life decisions should be thought out to prevent problems. Maya tells him it's not a problem because it was worked out months ago. He considers it a sign the adoption should be revisited.

Zende tries to convince Nicole they have lots of time and when the stress is off, she may get pregnant. She wonders what will happen if Lizzy turns out to be the last baby she could have.

Thomas wonders how Coco feels about being left out of the new Spectra. Sally tells him that she's happy at Forrester and that's a good fit for her now. Thomas says Sally needs to forgive herself, like he and Coco did. Thomas feels excitement with his shiny, new Spectra connection. He tells her she saved him, and thanks him.

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When Nicole brings up Julius, Zende asks if she's shared this with her father. She claims he understands and thinks it's a sign. Zende tells her Rick is Lizzy's father, but he really wanted to be the first one. He tells her again she has to sign the papers. Nicole says she needs time to think. 

Julius tells Maya that what she's doing to Nicole is wrong. He thinks her new, young family will be devastated by Maya demanding her signature. Julius asks if she knows how selfish she's being. 

As Nicole ponders the universe in a dark office, Maya tells Julius that Nicole was a willing, legal surrogate. He tells her that she needs to think of someone other than herself for a change. Maya warns him to check himself. He blathers on about morality and Lizzy's true genetics, begging Maya to change her mind.

Zende walks in and tells Julius to stop. He tells him that Maya is Lizzy's mother. When Julius tells him it isn't his place to interfere, Zende counters that he to learn boundaries. Zende adds he's not Lizzy's father and they will have a family of their own. He respects him as Nicole's father, but he is her husband.

Julius gets louder and tells Zende how it's going to be. He is Nicole's father and no act of God, danger, or husband can ever change that. He tells him that if Maya was meant to have children, she would have been given what's necessary to make that happen. Zende tells him they made an agreement, whether he likes it or not. He warns him to stay out of his marriage and away from Maya. Julius walks out. Maya thanks him and they hug.

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