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Perkie's Observations: Jason Turns Down Michael's Offer on General Hospital

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Chad Duell, Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Chad Duell, Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller

Nelle starts her new job at Crimson. She and Nina discuss Charlotte and how much Nina misses her. Nelle tells her that she needs to be in Charlotte's life, despite Nina's claims that Lulu is her mother and she doesn't want to confuse Charlotte.

Amy tells the publisher that Nathan prefers to remain anonymous and can't do a photo shoot. The woman insists that Nathan's face is the brand. Amy and Nathan discuss it and Amy offers to have them shoot Nathan's face in shadow so that it's more mysterious. The publisher agrees.

Jason has trouble leaving Sonny a message about Garvey. Michael stops by to have Jason sign some trust papers for ELQ. Michael tells them that his parents have gone to the island where cell reception is spotty.

Jason explains about the possible threat, so Michael offers to let Max know. Michael offers Jason a job at ELQ that would involve a lot of traveling. He feels Jason would be good as a problem solver.

Jason turns down the offer, which angers Sam. He says the places would be remote and he'd have to be gone too long. Michael offers them a few days to decide.

A bad rain storm hits the island. Carly and Sonny are forced to spend more time together. They reminisce about the times with the kids. Sonny hears a noise, but it turns out to be the island parrot.

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Lulu and Charlotte pay Dante a visit at the station. She recognizes it as the place where Valentin recorded his message to her. She wonders why her father didn't say goodbye. Dante explains that Valentin needed to answer some questions and no one is certain when he'll be back.

Spencer's still upset over losing Wyndemere to Valentin. Kevin explains that it was never his to begin with. Mikkos gave it to Valentin in his will if Stavros and Stefan died. Spencer wonders what will happen to Wyndemere now. Laura says, as Valentin's wife, Nina will likely have to deal with it. Spencer excuses himself to go to the washroom and escapes.

Sam is angry with Jason, saying he doesn't want to take the job at ELQ because he'd rather work with Sonny and get shot. Jason says it's about not wanting to be away from his family.

Jason says he's worried about this current threat to Sonny and wants to fly down to the island. Sam insists that he can't, then decides she's going with him.

Nelle meets with Michael to tell him about her new job. To celebrate, he offers to take her to a concert in the park. Nelle agrees to the date.

Spencer shows up at Crimson to confront Nina. 

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