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Perkie's Observations: Molly Makes Major Gaffe on General Hospital

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Tequan Richmond, Haley Pullos, Vernee Watson-Johnson

Tequan Richmond, Haley Pullos, Vernee Watson-Johnson

Spencer accuses Nina of trying to steal his birthright and that Wyndemere should be his. Nina says with Valentin away, the assets will go into a trust for Charlotte. Spencer gets upset and cries that Valentin killed his father. Nina gives him a hug as Laura and Kevin arrive.

Jordan decides to give viewers whiplash by showing up at Curtis' declaring that she's cooling things off. Then, when he convinces her otherwise, they kiss. Afterwards, she heads off to work, all happy as a clam.

Stella meets Molly, who introduces herself as TJ's girlfriend. This is something dear auntie was unaware of. The two chat. When Shawn's name comes up, Molly misunderstands, thinking Stella knows the truth. She accidentally spills the beans about TJ's paternity.

Sam declares that she's not letting Jason out of her sight. She decides to leave the kids at Monica's and go with him. Jason wonders what's going on. Sam explains that she's been having episodes that he's in danger.

Sam says she can't shake those feelings, despite Jason's assurances that he's not taking risks nor is he in danger. Jason decides he's not going to go. Sam switches gears and insists that they go to make sure Sonny's okay.

Sonny's liquor license guy shows up and Carly signs the papers. Sonny wants them to stay the night before heading back home. Carly decides she wants to play poker.

Laura tells Spencer that they've been frantically looking for him and that his behavior is unacceptable. She confiscates his phone and says he'll get it back when he changes his behavior.

Spencer apologizes to Kevin, then admits that he misses his father. Laura understands, but says they need to follow the law. Spencer decides he wants to hire a lawyer.

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Nina asks Kevin if he thinks she's a coward for running out on Valentin when he needed her the most. Kevin says Valentin lied by omission. Nina agrees she needs to move on.

Stella approves of Molly, but TJ senses an issue. Stella says she's upset with everyone who kept the secret about Shawn. She swears Jordan will answer for it.

TJ heads off to Curtis' to find his mother. He tells him that Stella knows the truth.

When Jason leaves, Sam starts to lose it. She sits on the floor and starts shaking. Molly shows up and wonders what's wrong with Sam. Sam explains and thinks she's going crazy. Molly figures it's because Sam is a new mom and her worry for Scout is projecting onto Jason.

Stella shows up at the PCPD to have it out with Jordan. For whatever reason, Jordan decides to have that conversation out in the squad room instead of in her office. Stella calls Jordan trash and a faithless whore. She accuses Jordan of passing off Shawn's child as Thomas'.

After cleaning out Sonny in poker, Carly wants to leave. She opens the door and finds Garvey standing there.

Sam has another episode where she sees Sonny tell her that Jason isn't hers, but Sonny's. 

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