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Perkie's Observations: Carly Accidentally Shoots Jason on General Hospital

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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Jordan tries to make Stella see reason, but Stella claims she has no shame and calls her a jezebel. Curtis shows up to put a stop to the nonsense and drags Stella's loud mouth butt into the interrogation room.

Carly opens the door to find Garvey standing there with his gun. He says Sonny will pay for killing his brother last year. Blah blah blah, Sonny and Garvey fight. Carly grabs the gun. She shoots, but misses Garvey and hits Jason as he walks in to shoot Garvey.

Sam asks Monica to keep the kids for another night so that she can go to Puerto Rico. Monica wonders if there's trouble brewing. Monica assures her that Jason can take care of himself. Sam admits that she hates that he left to go and help Sonny. Monica says Jason will never break his loyalty to Sonny.

Michael walks Nelle to her door after the concert. The two share a kiss, but run away from each other just to run back and share a cup of tea. These two are like 12 year olds with their non-chemistry.

Josslyn has the house to herself and her friend Trina invites a bunch of kids for a party. One guy is Josslyn's crush Oscar. I swear, in one minute, Oscar and Josslyn have more chemistry than Michael and Nelle.

Curtis is not happy with Auntie for airing their dirty laundry in public. Blah blah blah, TJ isn't Thomas' son. Jordan says she was trying to protect everyone with her lies. Curtis feels TJ is theirs even if he isn't an Ashford. Stella declares that Jordan destroyed their family and storms off.

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Jordan says Stella hates her and at some point Curtis will have to choose. She declares them done, but Curtis decides they aren't.

Stella and TJ discuss things in his life. He asks if she can find a way to forgive his mother.

Nelle worries what CarSon will say when they find out she and Michael are seeing each other. Michael doesn't care about his parents' feelings and the two make boring small talk before they kiss.

Carly's upset that she shot Jason. He tries to reassure her. The police take Garvey away. Sonny toasts both Carly and Jason for getting them through this mess.

Monica says Sam has always been able to handle Jason's job and wonders what's changed. Sam feels trapped because of Sonny. She says Sonny thinks he owns Jason and is reeling him back in. Sam has a vision of Sonny telling her that Jason is back in the business and she can't stop him.

Monica worries about Sam and says she needs rest. Jason calls and says everything is taken care of and he's on this way home.

Carly's happy with Sonny for taking care of her. They kiss, but then she pushes him away.