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Sheila Maps Out a Plan on The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

Kimberlin Brown

Pam, Charlie, Katie, Ivy, Eric, Quinn, and Ridge are gathered in Steffy's office. Yes, the Katie who used a gun in the workplace to terrorize another employee, is there. Eric tells Pam to give a reporter the information about Deacon and adds that he thinks Sheila has left LA.

Brooke is finishing up a business lunch at Il Giardino with a flirtatious, straight (?) designer from Milan. When he leaves, Sheila approaches her table. She apologizes for all the things she's done to Brooke. Brooke listens, but wonders if she is sincere.

Wyatt is surprised to hear that Deacon asked Bill to post his bail. Bill counters that one bullet couldn't kill Quinn. He makes jokes about killing vampires. Wyatt gets upset and Bill tries to ease his worries. 

In front of everyone in the office, Eric offers Katie a job more in line with her skills. A job that apparently wasn't available a few days ago. Katie wants to be sure Eric wants her there since she "overreacted" when she was fired. Quinn and Ridge exchange glances that Charlie is watching. She will work with Nicole in the same capacity that Wyatt did. 

Sheila tells her she's happy Eric has a wife worthy of him. Brooke side-eyes Sheila, who gets the message that maybe Quinn isn't all that she's cracked up to be. She asks Brooke if she likes Quinn, then asks if she's a good wife. Brooke excuses herself. Sheila smiles and thanks Brooke for letting her speak to her. Brooke leaves. As a woman gets up from her table, she bumps Sheila. Sheila snaps at her, "Would you watch it?"

Katie asks Quinn if she's okay with the job offer. Quinn swallows her concerns. She tells Katie that she wouldn't be there if she didn't call Ridge to save her from Deacon. Charlie makes a snide comment that it's nice that Ridge and Quinn are practically living under the same roof. Katie accepts the job, but Quinn is still uneasy.

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Sheila sips a martini at the bar whilst remembering all the hot times she shared with Eric. Pam and Charlie sit at a nearby table. Charlie's head must be ready to explode because Pam is STILL talking about his faux pas with Ridge at the office.

Quinn thanks Katie for her stepping in to help her. She wants to know if her preoccupation with her and Ridge is over. She wants to move on. Katie agrees to stop with the veiled threats and blackmail. She leaves the office. Quinn and Ridge are relieved that they are out of the woods.

Eric and Brooke talk about her lunch meeting. Brooke tells Eric that Sheila showed up. Eric guesses that she apologized. Brooke informs Eric she was asking about him and Quinn.

Charlie wants to dig around more just to protect Eric's well-being. They discuss Quinn, Ridge, Deacon, and Eric. Sheila, who has a bionic ear, can hear everything. Pam warns Charlie he will end up doing more harm than good. She leaves him at the table. Sheila approaches and tells him she overheard them talking about Eric. Charlie questions who she is. 

At Spencer, Katie tells Wyatt about her new job. He thanks her for helping his mother. They talk about the job and Katie wonders if Wyatt will help her get her bearings.

Sheila tells Charlie that she and Eric are old friends. She questions why Charlie is concerned about Eric. She charms Charlie for information about Quinn and Eric's marriage. Charlie figures out that Sheila has been gone a long time because she doesn't recognize Pam. Sheila offers to help Charlie with his quest.

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