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Perkie's Observations: Hayden Turns to Curtis for Help on General Hospital

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Rebecca Budig, Donnell Turner

Rebecca Budig, Donnell Turner

Sonny and Carly kiss, then she pushes him away. Carly's upset that she's back where she always is, with the violence. Sonny feels that they belong together. She complains some more. He says he couldn't live without her if something happened. The two kiss then end up in bed together

Dr. Obrecht offers Ava some hope, saying that she's making a lot of progress. Ava however, is not optimistic. Kiki arrives. Ava complains to her that this is the price she has to pay for what she's done. Ava wants Kiki to leave and not come back.

Hayden has a job for Curtis. She explains that she and Finn know Dr. Obrecht tampered with his drug tests, but they need help proving it. Curtis suspects from Hayden's behavior that she's pregnant, which she eventually confirms.

Finn tells Griffin about their suspicions regarding Dr. Obrecht. Griffin wonders how they can prove it. Finn says Hayden has an idea and is fortunate to have her on his side.

Josslyn and Oscar make small talk about her love of horses and his love for the piano. Bobbie gets home. She kicks out all the kids and tears a strip off of Josslyn for throwing a party. Josslyn says she just wanted some fun and promises that it won't happen again.

Josslyn begs Bobbie not to tell Carly. After cleaning up the mess, Bobbie relents and agrees to keep her secret.

Julian finds Alexis having a sundae at Kelly's. She says it's a substitute for the drink that she really wanted. Julian says he understands the loneliness and that it's not a sign of weakness. Alexis asks him about Garvey and wonders if Julian is in danger from him.

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Julian says he wouldn't expose her to that violence again. Alexis mentions Sam and her concerns, which in turn, worries Julian. He asks to be kept in the loop. Julian asks if he can drive Alexis home, but she says she's not letting him into her life again.

Michael and Nelle have sex and it's about as boring as reading this sentence.

Hayden admits to Curtis that she's ambivalent about the baby. He tells her that it's okay to be scared because it's a huge change. Finn arrives and overhears Hayden say she doesn't know how to be a mother.

Scott stops by to see Ava. She thinks he's there to cover his butt for fear that she'll tell Sonny or the cops about his involvement with those damn pills. Scott swears he's there because he cares, but does wonder what she'll say if anyone asks. Ava promises she'll never rat on him.

Griffin sees a concerned Kiki, who tells him that Ava doesn't want her coming back. She admits part of her is relieved.

In the afterglow, Sonny swears to Carly that he's getting out of the business to make a good life with her. Carly doesn't believe that he can.

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