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Quinn Pushes the Wrong Buttons on The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown, Rena Sofer

Kimberlin Brown, Rena Sofer

Sheila tells Charlie how she and Stephanie were such good friends. She adds that Stephanie would take a bullet for her. She hopes Quinn is good for Eric. Charlie's face gives it away.

Wyatt advises Katie to follow Nicole's lead. He agrees that it might be hard to keep the sexy Forrester CEO in the spotlight. He says Steffy's followers like pictures of her with Liam. They also like to see what's happening behind the scenes. Katie apologizes for bringing up Steffy. Katie wonders if Wyatt still has feelings for her. 

Liam and Steffy are having a spa day in a fully stocked cabana. When the cabana boy comes in, Liam orders everything on the menu. After lunch, things get a little heated.

Ridge comes in as Eric is leaving the office. Ridge asks Quinn if she is okay. She tells him she feels better now that no one is shooting at her. Ridge wonders if Deacon's claims about Quinn pushing him off a cliff are true. She waves it off as crazy rantings. She tells Ridge she was glad he was home when Katie called. Quinn admits that she wants to be the woman Eric thinks she is. Ridge tells her she is, but wonders if she believes it.

Charlie tells Sheila he is head of security and knows Forrester like the back of his hand. He tells her that maybe she should have a talk with Eric since they are such good friends.

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Wyatt doesn't deny his feelings, but says he's not going to dwell on them. He shifts the conversation back to Katie's new job. She gets animated and starts throwing out ideas. Wyatt tells Katie that the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo would be the best place for her to start. She thinks that a fashion show with a new swimwear line is the perfect plan to upend Spectra.

Quinn tells Ridge she has a present for him. It's a bottle of tequila. She thinks it's time to make tequila great again all on its own and without all the drama that's been associated with it.

Eric answers the door at home. It's Sheila. Eric lets her in. She asks if they're alone. She tells him she can't leave LA until she knows he's okay. He promises he is and appreciates her concern. Sheila admits she wasted her time with Eric and Quinn is lucky to be his wife. He tells her it's inappropriate for her to question his marriage and that he's better than ever. He escorts her to the door. She offers to be there for him if he needs it.

As Sheila stands by the fountain, Quinn comes home. Quinn tells her that she's not welcome at the house unannounced. Sheila tells her she shouldn't feel intimidated. Quinn responds that she's not, and Sheila can see it's true. Sheila advises her to be a good wife to Eric. Quinn touches her arm to lead her out of the courtyard. Sheila's temper flares. She firmly tells Quinn not to touch her, and if she ever does it again, she will snap her in two. She shoves Quinn with her shoulder as she walks away. As Quinn heads inside, Sheila turns around and gives "the look".

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