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Julius Gets a Verbal Smackdown on The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacob Young, Karla Mosley

Jacob Young, Karla Mosley

Steffy is back at work and getting heated up with Liam in her office. Katie stops short at Pam's desk. She replays yesterday's conversation with Wyatt. She walks in on the canoodling couple. She tells them she has an idea. Liam is happy for Katie because of her new job. He bows out and leaves the two alone to talk about business.

Meanwhile, in the photo studio, Coco and RJ are getting heated up. They declare themselves official. Zende comes in. He tells Coco and RJ that Nicole is having problems because of Julius' interference. They tell him to have a talk with Vivienne. After he leaves, Coco and RJ agree that they sympathize with Nicole's tragic plight. Despite that, they start making out again.

Vivienne tries to assure Rick and Maya that Nicole is struggling, but will do the right thing. She thinks something else is influencing her. Maya pipes up that it's Julius.

Julius follows Nicole to Eric's house, where she was sent to retrieve some work papers. She tells him she hasn't signed the adoption papers yet. He says he hopes she never will. He thinks it's a gift from the heavens and a sign that Lizzy should be with her real mother.

Liam shows up at Spencer. He teases Wyatt that Katie replaced him. Liam is surprised he's not jealous. He keeps poking the bear, but Wyatt explains that he has always had a good relationship with Katie. They wonder what changes she will make at Forrester.

Steffy tells Katie she has big shoes to fill (she would know). She's anxious to hear about Katie's blockbuster idea. Katie proposes they go on the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo because it will splashy, hot, and fun. Steffy thinks the idea of a fashion show featuring a swimsuit line (in July) is edgy and sexy.

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Vivienne apologizes to Rick and Maya. She's sure that they can work this out as a family. Zende comes in and tells Vivienne that Julius is leading Nicole down the wrong path. He tells her Julius needs to stop what he's doing and leave Nicole alone. Vivienne is having a hard time absorbing the news. The group decides to go to Eric's to talk to Nicole.

Julius carries on that it's about Nicole's body, life, and family. He tells her to stop taking care of everyone else and take care of her own damn self. He lays it on that she's too young. He doesn't like to see her suffer. He loves her and wants what's best for her. He tells her that her sacrifice was great and Maya wanting Lizzy is wrong.

Steffy tells Katie she has to pitch the ideas to her dad and run the numbers. Katie leaves the office and calls Wyatt. She thanks him for his help. He tells her she can always rely on him.

Julius keeps after Nicole. He tells her she's been given a second chance to raise a baby in a traditional home. Vivienne busts in and yells at him for spreading lies. Rick tells Julius he's losing respect for him. Julius tells them Lizzy is not Maya's child.

Zende implores Nicole that it's their battle as a couple. He adds that it's not fair to Rick, Maya, or Lizzy. He tells Nicole he has her back. He wants her to keep her promise. Zende reminds her that Rick is Lizzy's father, not him. He adds that Maya is her sister and Lizzy's mother. He firmly tells Nicole that she shouldn't listen to her father and to sign the adoption papers.

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