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Perkie's Observations: Jason Turns to Monica for Help with Sam on General Hospital

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Leslie Charleson, Billy Miller

Leslie Charleson, Billy Miller

Sam thanks Monica for helping her out with the kids when Jason gets home. She gets upset when she sees the bandage on his arm while he explains that Carly accidentally shot him. Sam accuses Jason of protecting Sonny over his own family.

When Sam leaves the room, Jason asks his mother if she sees something different about Sam. He doesn't understand why she can't suddenly handle his life. Monica says Sam is rearranging her priorities for her children.

Carly tells Sonny that he can't simply retire from mob life. Sonny says there are ways to maneuver, but she questions the options. Carly says he'd have to choose a successor, which can no longer be Jason. She feels there would be an all out war for Sonny's territory.

Hayden worries that she'll pass down her own family traits to her child and claims she has no motherly instincts. Curtis tries to reassure her, but she wonders what kind of life her child will have.

Finn walks in and Hayden explains that she's hiring Curtis to get proof on Liesl. Monica gets home and finds these three stragglers in her living room. Seriously, why were they at the mansion in the first place?

Finn says someone is tampering with his drug tests and they've hired Curtis to find proof. When Monica hears that they believe Liesl is responsible, she's more than willing to help. Finn asks if she's willing to look the other way.

Liesl cozies up to Kiki, telling her that she'll be restored as chief of staff once Monica is removed. She offers to help Kiki climb the nursing ladder in exchange for information from the staff.

Kristina runs into Alexis and Julian while they are talking. She's not happy to see them together. Julian says he happened to run into Alexis. She asks if Kristina has heard from Sonny, wondering if he's okay.

Kristina calls Sonny, who blows off the threat. This angers Kristina. She tells him that she thought things would change after Morgan's death, but they haven't. Sonny swears he's making changes.

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Kristina thanks Julian for giving Jason the heads up that saved Sonny's life. After Julian leaves, Alexis thanks Kristina for being generous to Julian. Kristina says he stepped up for once. She questions what's going on with Alexis and Julian.

Alexis explains that she wanted a drink, but got ice cream instead. That's when she ran into Julian. Kristina asks what happens next time if she's not there to save Alexis from herself.

Jason questions Sam's reaction, saying none of this is Sonny's fault. He accuses her of being volatile and quick to react. Sam says he can't be responsible for Sonny's life and that she's concerned for their family.

Jason wonders where these feelings are coming from and thinks she should see a doctor. Sam says she doesn't want him working for Sonny and wonders how that makes her crazy. Jason disagrees. He's worried about her.

Hayden apologizes to Finn. She says she doesn't doubt his ability to be a good father, but does feel she'll be the one to screw up. Finn knows they're both scared, but promises to be a good father.

Monica gets Curtis disguised as an IT guy so that he can skulk around the lab to get information on Liesl. Kiki tells Monica that Liesl asked her to spy, but swears she wouldn't do it. Monica however, wants Kiki to do exactly that.

Sonny says things are stable now so it would be a perfect time for him to transition out of the business. He calls Lucy to tell her that he's selling the restaurant and to get him a fair price. Carly's still not sure if this will work.

Sam apologizes to Jason for her earlier temper. He swears he's not going back to work for Sonny. Sam admits that since Scout's birth, she's been feeling antsy and not in control. She's unable to make the feelings go away.

Jason still feels that she needs to be checked out. Sam agrees to see a doctor.

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