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Nicole Makes a Difficult Decision on The Bold and the Beautiful

Reign Edwards, Karla Mosley, Obba Babatundé

Reign Edwards, Karla Mosley, Obba Babatundé

Zende tells Nicole to look at him and ignore everyone else while he's talking. Julius tells Zende that Nicole shouldn't be forced to give up her child just because he is not the father. Vivienne tells him to let Zende talk to his wife.

Rick tells Julius he's a real piece of work. He is all family until something goes wrong, then it's Julius against the world. Vivienne tells him she won't let him bully their daughters. Julius counters that he's the only one sticking up for Nicole and her feelings. Maya tells Nicole any mother would feel the same way in the same situation.

Wyatt pops in at Katie's. Apparently, Will can't live without this truck. Katie offers to feed Wyatt in exchange for his help. Wyatt, the takeout king, agrees to stay. Katie wants to talk about Monte Carlo.

Maya wonders if she should have asked Nicole to be their surrogate. She says that her dad was right about her being selfish. She had to fight for everything herself. She breaks down and begs Nicole not to take her daughter away. Zende reminds Nicole that she was grateful to find Maya again. He tells Maya that no one would blame her for wanting a family.

Julius does! He notes that Rick and Maya are childless and Nicole is not, and that's a fact of nature. He blathers on about how wrong Rick and Maya are for wanting this baby. Julius tells Nicole she is not signing the papers and that Lizzy is hers. Vivienne takes the papers away from him.

Wyatt and Katie are eating and talking business. As a marketing exec who has put together a lot of events, she seems to have a lot of questions. Wyatt wonders if she told Steffy they talked. She says no. Katie thinks they make a good team, even though they don't work together.

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Vivienne approaches Nicole. They agree they don't want to do irreparable harm. Rick reminds Julius if he's going to bring up biology, he's the father. Zende pipes up that biology doesn't make a parent because he's adopted.

Maya tells Nicole that she always wanted a child to parent in a way she wasn't parented. She recounts their reunion after years apart. Nicole cries that all the love she felt came down to one moment with Lizzy. Maya says they are guilty of being human. She tells Nicole she won't fight her if she takes it to court. She tells Nicole it's her decision to make.

Rick looks at Maya like she's cray. He gets emotional and tells her they are talking about THEIR daughter. Maya reminds him they always told Nicole it was her decision to make.

Wyatt says he's was so good at his job, no one knew he was doing it. Katie tells him she knows she has big shoes to fill (ahem). They say goodbye and Wyatt leaves.

Nicole goes to Zende and tells him he's the only one who can tell her what to do. She apologizes for putting everyone through this, but he understands. He tells her their future may lie with adoption, so they can do for another child what his mother did for him. Nicole takes the papers and sits down. She signs Lizzy over to Rick and Maya. Julius hopes no one lives to regret this day. They ignore him. Rick breaks down and embraces Nicole, apologizing to her. Nicole says she was never Lizzy's mother, but Maya always was.

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