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Perkie's Observations: Dante Pays a Visit to Ava on General Hospital

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Dominic Zamprogna

Dominic Zamprogna

Julian visits with Ava and lets her know all the good things going on his life. Ava reminds him that he's going to prison, but he's not so sure. He says he's going to fight the charges. He wants Ava to do the same and not confess. 

Spencer meets with Alexis regarding legal advice on getting Wyndemere back from Valentin. Alexis explains that everything was left to Valentin. When he dies, it will likely go to Charlotte. Alexis says she might be able to fight the claim after Valentin's death, which isn't soon enough for Spencer. 

Charlotte misses her father and wonders if he's ever coming back. Lulu admits that he'll be gone awhile and that she doesn't know when he'll return. 

Carly gets home from Puerto Rico and wants to talk to Josslyn. Josslyn thinks Bobbie squealed. When Carly says she hasn't spoken to her mother yet, Josslyn dials it back. Carly finds an empty beer bottle under the couch. She confronts Josslyn, who's forced to admit she had a party with boys and alcohol.

Olivia tries on a family heirloom wedding dress that she hates. She asks for Charlotte's help in finding an appropriate one. Olivia says she has a surprise for Charlotte. She asks if she'd be willing to be her flower girl. Charlotte is thrilled.

Bobbie runs into Sonny at the hospital. She asks about the trip and wonders if the divorce is finalized. Sonny tells her to talk to Carly.

Ava feels she deserves to be punished for hurting so many people. She feels she'd be better off in prison so Kiki can move on without feeling obligated to visit her. Julian tells her to think of Avery, who needs her mother. Ava has decided she will confess and accept her punishment. Julian begs her not to, but to make amends and not give up. Ava says they have Lucy's testimony and Scott knows everything. She's not changing her mind.

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Sonny walks in. He has papers changing Avery's custody agreement to give him full custody. Julian's angry with him, but Sonny says Ava took his son and now he's taking their daughter. Julian mentions the divorce. Sonny says he and Carly are still together and she'll be the only mother Avery will know.

Spencer admits that he misses Wyndemere and his father. Laura says it was just a house and Nikolas is in his heart.

Josslyn swears it was a small party and that she stayed inside while everyone was in the hot tub. Carly pushes. Josslyn admits she was with a boy and only had two sips of alcohol. Josslyn doesn't understand the big deal. Carly says something could have happened and there will be consequences for Josslyn's actions.

Josslyn says she was happy about the party because their family is so dysfunctional and screwed up. It let her forget it for awhile. Carly confiscates her phone and sends Josslyn to her room.

Bobbie gets home and Carly tears a strip off of her. Bobbie says Josslyn barely had a sip of beer and that Oscar was a sweet boy. She tells Carly the problem is with Josslyn's friend Trina. Bobbie asks about Carly's trip. Josslyn overhears Carly say there will be no divorce.

Dante stops by to take Ava's statement. Methinks she's going to change her mind about confessing.

Spencer heads over to see Sonny. He wants ask him to eliminate Valentin. 

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