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Perkie's Observations: Josslyn Threatens to Leave Carly on General Hospital

Sonny tells Spencer that revenge will leave him empty.
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Eden McCoy, Laura Wright

Eden McCoy, Laura Wright

Sonny tells Spencer that there are different ways to deal with Valentin. Spencer feels the only solution is to whack him. Spencer wants justice, but Sonny says that won't give him peace.  

Sonny says it will cost him because it will change who he is. Spencer insists he wants his legacy back. Sonny says he wouldn't be able to live with himself. 

Josslyn is upset at Carly's declaration that she is going back to Sonny. Josslyn reminds her mother that thanks to Sonny her father can't come back. Josslyn says she's not surprised because she knew Carly and Sonny would get back together.  

Carly says Sonny is her stepfather, but Josslyn feels he hurt her more than anyone else and calls her mother a hypocrite. Carly tries to reprimand Josslyn and says she loves Sonny because they share a life and family.  

Josslyn swears she will never forgive Sonny and he can't ever make amends. She tells Carly that she will not go with her to live with Sonny. Josslyn says she's going to live with Jax permanently.  

Amy and Nathan's photo shoot is delayed. Quinn arrives with Nina, who wants to do a piece in Crimson. Amy doesn't want Nina to see Nathan and manages to deflect for a few minutes. Eventually, Nina spots Nathan hiding.    

Nathan admits that he's the face and is doing Amy a favor. Nina wonders how Amy roped Nathan into this. Amy tells her about her brother, which resonates with Nina. She agrees to keep their secret.  

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Dante's looking for a confession from Ava, but she refuses to talk. Dante says he wants closure. He adds that Morgan would want her to tell the truth and get redemption. Ava claims Morgan is now at peace. She's in purgatory right now and her pain will never end. Dante calls her a coward for not wanting to pay her debt to society.  

Laura gets a call from Chandler, who informs her that Spencer went to see Sonny. She and Kevin head over there. Laura reprimands Spencer and warns him to improve his behavior. Spencer apologizes and promises to accept his life.  

Scott stops by to see Ava. She tells him that Dante wants a confession. She swears she didn't tell him anything or give him up. Ava tells Scott that they've had a good run and she's releasing him from any obligation.  

Bobbie and Dante discuss Ava. She's angry that Scott knew and helped Ava get away with what she did. Bobbie thinks Ava should be brought to justice. She tells Dante that he needs to focus on his own family.  

Carly tells Sonny that Josslyn is acting out and that she hates him. Sonny thinks Josslyn will get over it. Carly feels all the good will between them is gone. She says Sonny has betrayed Josslyn's trust and that she wants to move to Australia permanently.  

Sonny admits that Josslyn comes first. Carly is certain she can fix this so that she can keep Josslyn here and be with Sonny.  

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