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Perkie's Observations: Anna Gets Closer to Andre on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Olivia stops by Crimson with some paperwork for Nina. She gushes about her upcoming wedding, which upsets Nina because she was going over her divorce papers. Nina says she wishes she could have supported Valentin.

Jordan runs into Anna and asks about Valentin's upcoming trial. Anna doesn't want to testify against him since he was her friend. She still blames Alex for everything that happened. Anna feels the WSB is doing damage control and Valentin is paying for the bureau's sins.

Curtis, in his undercover IT gear, is questioned by Dr. Obrecht. She wants to know why he is at the hospital. He claims he's doing some computer work and needs directions to the lab. Liesl follows him there while Monica, Finn and Hayden wait for their plan to work.

Ned gets emotional with Dillon, who thinks his brother's getting cold feet over his upcoming wedding. Ned however, knows that he's a lucky guy and is certain this time with Olivia and Leo is forever. Ned asks Dillon to be his best man and Dillon agrees.

Andre runs into Anna as Jordan is leaving. Anna admits that she feels responsible for Valentin. Andre feels she's being too hard on herself. He wants the two of them to get away and forget their angst. Andre takes Anna to a dance studio to dance away their stress. The two of them dance, then share a kiss.

Michael and Nelle have next day sex and it's just as boring as the first time. I'm so sorry, I like Chad and Chloe, but I just can't with these two characters and the blandest of bland in the history of bland.

Kiki heads into work. She gets her orders from the Scooby gang to pretend to be in Liesl's camp. Liesl wants her to find out who the IT guy is. Kiki tells her Monica and Finn have hired him to find something on the lab computer.

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Liesl stops Curtis and sends him off. He runs into Jordan in the hall and explains. Liesl has Kiki check the laptop for a video of her doing something to Finn's specimen. Finn, Monica, and Hayden overhear. Curtis comes in with Jordan, who arrests Liesl.

Michael gets home as Dillon and Ned are about to toast. Michael admits that he was out all night and the girl in question is Nelle. Ned is happy for Michael. They toast to the next generation of Quartermaine men.

Nelle gets to work. Nina knows right away that's something good has happened with Michael. Nelle details her night, then feels badly when she sees Nina's divorce papers. Nina mentions again that she feels like she's bailing on Valentin despite knowing that he'll spend his life in prison. Nina signs the divorce papers.

Michael calls Nelle to ask her to the wedding as his date. She hesitates. He says it will only be the Quartermaine family, so she agrees.

Olivia asks Ned if she can invite CarSon to the wedding. This is because she owns the hotel with Carly and well, Sonny needs to be in all storylines at all times.

Nina gets a mysterious phone call. Duh, duh, duh. 

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