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Perkie's Observations: Sam Sees a Specialist on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, James DePaiva

Kelly Monaco, James DePaiva

Jordan has Liesl arrested, then tells Curtis that she needs to arrest him for unlawful access to medical records. He falls for it until he realizes she's joking. Curtis wants to have a drink to celebrate a successful mission. The two end up in bed together.

Nina gets a call from wooby Valentin, who's all doom and gloom. He says there won't be a trial for him. He's sure that the WSB will take him out to make themselves look good. He tells Nina to protect herself and Charlotte because he won't be back.

Anna and Andre share a kiss. He thinks they should forget that it happened so they don't mess up their friendship. Anna on the other hand, thinks they should go back to her place. Nina calls and interrupts, asking to meet with Anna.

Sam and Jason are waiting for her doctor's appointment when Sonny sends Jason a text to meet. Dr. David Bensch is ready for Sam. At the doctor's request, Jason leaves so they can be alone.

Stella and TJ have lunch with Molly and Alexis. After the kids leave, the two make small talk about family. It's clear Stella has not forgiven Jordan for anything.

In the afterglow, Jordan decides she's made a mistake since Stella still hates her. Curtis decides that his auntie's feelings don't matter. He wants them to move forward and build their relationship.

Dr. Bensch asks Sam about her symptoms, but she's not very forthcoming. Sam does say that she's been short tempered and arguing more with Jason about a specific subject. Sam says her opinion has changed on something and she can't help how she feels.

Dr. Bensch raises the possibility of postpartum depression, but wants to take some blood work to check other things.

Sonny tells Jason that he's planning on giving up his territory. He explains that Carly deserves better and he wants to start a new life. Jason wonders if he can pull it off. He says whoever takes Sonny's place will want to be sure that he's truly out of the picture.

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Sonny says he knows the risks, but he needs to do this. Jason questions whether Sonny wants him to be his successor. Sonny says he knows Jason has moved on. The two toast to a peaceful transition.

Nina tells Anna about Valentin's call and that he believes the WSB will do something to him. Anna reassures her that Frisco is the head of the agency and he'd never order Valentin killed. Nina doesn't trust the WSB and regrets telling Anna where Valentin was hiding out.

Nina feels Valentin will simply disappear. Anna counters that Valentin did sell the chimera. That means espionage and he will be convicted for that. Nina blames Alex. Anna and claims everything was fine before Valentin got involved with them. Anna tells her to distance herself and not to pick up the phone the next time he calls.

Dr. Bensch gets a preliminary result that says Sam is iron deficient and explains that this could be affecting her mood. He writes her a prescription. Sam meanwhile, has another vision of Sonny telling her that she can't fix what's wrong with her.

Wooby Valentin writes Nina a goodbye letter. Someone, supposedly from the WSB, comes to take him away. Wooby Nina has memories of the good times with Valentin, then takes off her wedding rings.

Stella and Alexis run into Cordan as they're leaving. Alexis high tails it out of there while Stella gets dramatic. Curtis says he's with Jordan now and he's not going to give in to his auntie. Stella faints.

Anna hunts down Andre to see if they can pick up where they left off.

Sam grabs a scalpel from a hospital tray as I'm sure scalpels are left out where anyone can grab them all the time. She heads over to the restaurant and proceeds to stab Sonny three times. Since I never get what I want, I doubt that it's real and more likely a vision of Sam's. 

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