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Quinn and Ridge Tap Dance for Eric on The Bold and the Beautiful

John McCook, Rena Sofer, Thorsten Kaye, Kimberlin Brown

John McCook, Rena Sofer, Thorsten Kaye, Kimberlin Brown

Sheila tells Ridge she's not leaving until he tells Eric the truth. Eric tells Ridge and Quinn why Sheila's there while laughing it off. Sheila dares Quinn to tell Eric she's wrong about them. 

Coco is wants to know what RJ's big surprise is. He escorts her to a vintage Camaro SS. He tells her it's his dad's and he revs up the engine.

At the poolside, shirtless Bill tells one of his overworked children they can take the day off. Brooke tells Bill he can go to the office if he really wants to. He wonders if RJ and Coco will make it in time for dinner. 

Sheila stands firm that she's going to be there to support Eric. Quinn and Ridge deny they're sleeping together, but want to talk to him after Sheila leaves. Eric tells them he wants to hear it now.

While on a winding back road, Coco starts snapping pics and posting how much fun they're having. RJ stops at an overlook so they can take even more pics of themselves. RJ encourages her to check out the extra large back seats. She wonders what they could possibly do in them. They start making out.

Bill tells Brooke that Ridge can't ever maintain a relationship. He thinks RJ will go down the same path. He asks again about why she dumped Ridge. Brooke tells him that it doesn't need to be talked about ever again. Bill tells Brooke he will find out, so she should just tell him. He decides to play a guessing game, but changes his mind and kisses her.

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Quinn tells Eric there was no affair. Sheila is watching from behind Ridge. He's trying to get Sheila to leave, but Eric balks and tells him to start talking. He tells Eric he hated Quinn. Eric thinks his change of heart was because he go to know Quinn. Ridge explains how Quidge kicked off in San Francisco over tequila in a hotel room. Ridge takes the blame and tells Eric he kissed her.

Sheila asks if they really stopped their drunken hotel romp. Ridge snaps that they weren't drunk and really, really did stop. Quinn tells Eric that her feelings for him didn't change. Ridge tries to end the conversation, but Quinn admits there were more moments. They were all meaningless, but dangerous because they're so self-destructive and couldn't help it. Quinn tells him that she can't lose Eric over a few innocent kisses, over moments that never began. Eric counters there are moments that shouldn't happen and sometimes they can end a marriage. Sheila's taking it all in and shaking her head.

Quinn denies their relationship has to end. Eric tells her that Sheila told him that's why Brooke ended her engagement. Quinn confesses what happened in Sydney. Sheila asks if Brooke caught them. Eric remembers how upset Brooke was when she came to his room. Ridge takes the blame and tells him not to let Quinn go.

RJ hands the keys over to Coco. Darlita texts her about the pictures. While she's driving on the winding road, she texts Darlita back. A car comes around the corner. Coco has to evade it and runs the Camaro off the road.

Quinn denies there was an affair. Eric tells her to find a better word. He tells her that he's been talking about how loyal and wonderful she was. Quinn tells him she let her flirtation get out of control. She says she wouldn't know what to do without him. Sheila asks Quinn if she's referring to the house she lives in or the job she has. Quinn yells at her that all of it never mattered to her. She says she likes who she is now and begs Eric not to take it away from her. She can't explain why it happened, but she claims it's over. Quinn wants to know if she and Eric can move on from this.

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