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Eric Kicks Quinn Out of the Big House on The Bold and the Beautiful

Kimberlin Brown

Kimberlin Brown

Eric wonders if this is Ridge's way to get under his skin. He denies it. Quinn tells him that all the times they were together were by accident. Ridge tells Eric they were for vanity.

Brooke gets startled at the pool. She thinks someone lurking about. Bill tells her he will check it out because if she feels something is off, she is usually right. Bill comes back and tells her that everything is okay. Brooke says she has a sinking feeling, like she should be somewhere else.

Coco is frantically trying to revive RJ. She calls for help. While they wait, she consoles him.

Eric wants to know how many times Quidge were together. He warns Quinn that she doesn't know Ridge Marone the way he does. Eric asks if they slept in their bed. They both deny it. Eric tells Quinn she betrayed him and broke their vows.

RJ is brought to the hospital. The doctor is asking Coco a shit ton of questions she can't answer. She uses RJ's phone to call Brooke. Brooke tells Bill about the accident and the two leave.

Eric reminds Ridge that Ridge told him that Quinn would betray him. Ridge wonders why Sheila is still there. Ridge owns that he's a self-involved, egotistical bastard. He blathers on about his upbringing. He tells Eric that he went to San Francisco to see Quinn betray him, but he realized she really loved Eric. Eric tells Quinn that Ridge's ego will always pit them against one another.

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Ridge is getting a phone call. Eric demands that Ridge answer his phone. He leaves when he gets word from Brooke about RJ. Eric thinks Ridge left Quinn to fend for herself (Ridge didn't explain his quick departure). Eric wonders what she got from Ridge that she couldn't get from him.

The doctor tells Brooke and Bill about RJ's condition. He needs x-rays and will be brought to radiology soon. While Ridge and Brooke talk, Bill consoles Coco. She gets upset about how the accident happened, especially under the watchful eye of three adults.

Quinn pleads her case with Eric. She whines about needing to have a secret to feel normal. Sheila pipes up that Eric has heard enough of her excuses. Quinn wonders why Sheila is still there. Eric claims he likes having someone in the room that tells him the truth. Eric yaks on about his marriage to Stephanie like it was torture and how Quinn made him feel like he wanted to come home after work. Quinn tells Eric that she never would have had a life if he didn't make her life worth saving.

RJ is unconscious. Bill offers to airlift him to a facility that specializes in brain trauma. When Ridge balks, Bill respectfully backs off. Ridge asks Coco what she remembers. He wonders if RJ lost control of the car. She tells Ridge that she drove because RJ wanted her to. Ridge finds it odd she can't remember since she was behind the wheel. RJ comes around. Coco approaches him and tearfully apologizes. He tells her it's okay.

Eric asks Quinn if one kiss was worth their marriage. Quinn can't explain herself. Despite all the bad shit she did, Quinn's never been so scared. She wants time alone. She tells Sheila to leave. Eric tells Quinn she's leaving, not Sheila. Quinn tells him it's not the end and it never will be. Quinn leaves. Eric looks at the portrait. Sheila approaches him. She places a hand on his shoulder. When Eric bows his head, Sheila embraces him from behind.

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