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Perkie's Observations: Olivia Gets Arrested on General Hospital

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Lisa LoCicero

Lisa LoCicero

My dream for Sonny's death by scalpel wound is all for naught. It turns out to be another one of Sam's hallucinations and she eventually snaps out of it. Sonny's confused by her odd behavior. Sam warns him to stay away from her family. Sonny claims she is his family.  

Sam declares they aren't family. She lost Jason once because of Sonny. She tells him that leaving the business is the best decision Jason ever made.  

Stella falls to the ground and Jordan believes she's having a stroke. She's taken to the hospital.  

Lulu and Laura plan a bachelorette party with Olivia, while the Quartermaine men with Dante plan a night for Ned. Dillon brings in Cuban cigars, but is told they aren't allowed to smoke. He tosses the lit match in the garbage, which catches fire. A fireman and Carly are called to put out the fire, and they reprimand the men.  

Josslyn's planning on leaving for Australia when Carly tells her that she can't move in with Jax. Carly tells her that he'll be doing more business away from home. Josslyn doesn't believe her, so she calls her father, who confirms it.  

Josslyn tells Carly that Jax is taking more business elsewhere because he can't do it here, thanks to Sonny. Carly tries the "you have every right to be mad routine", but Josslyn isn't interested.  

Jason checks in with Liz to ask if she's seen Sam. He was supposed to pick her up after her appointment. Jason mentions Sam's erratic behavior, but Liz passes it off as the normal actions of an exhausted new mother.  

Olivia doesn't feel like a party, but Laura feels she needs to take a night off and let loose. When Laura leaves Olivia alone for several minutes, Olivia downs a bunch of martinis and gets drunk.  

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Laura and Lulu take Olivia back to one of the rooms to sleep it off. The fireman is making the rounds of all the rooms to make sure there was no damage from Dillon's fire. Olivia thinks he's a stripper and makes a pass at him. Olivia ends up in jail.  

Sam gets a call from Jason. She apologizes to Sonny for losing it and asks him not to say anything about her behavior. Sam tells Jason that her only problem is an iron deficiency and she'll be all good with vitamins.  

Carly tells Sonny that things with Josslyn are getting worse, especially since Jax can't come back. They work it out together. Later, Sonny makes a call. 

Curtis is upset about his aunt and Jordan consoles him. Griffin tells them that her condition has improved. He confirms that Stella had a stroke, and it's not her first one.  

Curtis sits with Stella and questions why she never told him about her medical history. She claims she was following doctors orders not to stress out until she came to PC. Curtis tells her that Jordan is the one who realized she was having a stroke and that she needed to get medical care. Stella thanks Jordan.  

Ned thanks Dante for his support. Dante welcomes Ned to the family. Dillon says Ned and Olivia are now the head of the Quartermaine family and the men toast. Dante gets the call that Olivia is in jail and heads over to get her out.  

Jason tells Sam about Sonny getting out of the mob, but swears he won't be replacing him. Sam hallucinates about Sonny telling her that Jason will be his successor and that he'll never let Jason go.

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