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Ridge Tells Brooke that Eric Knows the Truth on The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye, Katherine Kelly Lang

Thorsten Kaye, Katherine Kelly Lang

RJ has a minor concussion, but no major damage. Coco is relieved that RJ is okay. RJ tells Brooke that he doesn't remember much about the accident. When Brooke pushes the issue, RJ looks over at the distressed Coco.

Quinn barges into Katie's house. She tells Katie that Eric knows everything and didn't want to hear that it was innocent. Quinn says she betrayed him and now everything is ruined. Quinn accuses Katie of telling Sheila, who blabbed it all to Eric.

RJ takes full responsibility for taking the car and allowing Coco to drive. Brooke keeps asking what happened. Ridge wants her to back off a bit because RJ's injured. Coco apologizes to everyone. The doctor comes in and tells them that RJ has no broken bones or internal injuries. The doctor wants to examine him again, so they leave the room.

Outside of the room, Ridge tells Brooke that Eric knows why they broke up. Ridge calls Eric. He leaves a message that he's sorry he ran out and will explain everything in person. Ridge wonders if he can fix his relationship with Eric after betraying him. Brooke tells him to go to Eric now. She wonders how Sheila found out. He tells her they didn't get caught doing anything. Brooke speculates that Eric kicked Quinn out.

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Katie denies saying anything. She explains the damage Sheila has done to her family and the danger she poses. Katie tells Quinn that no one would have told her. She reminds her that it doesn't matter how Sheila found out. She adds that it's Quidge's fault, not Sheila's. Quinn accuses Katie of acting like Sheila and twisting the truth around. Katie says kissing is cheating and she's getting what she deserves. Quinn can't let go that Sheila didn't cause it. She insists that she loves Eric and can't lose him. She breaks down and Katie embraces her.

Ridge knows RJ wants to be alone with Coco. However, he yammers on about what it's like to be a parent and get a phone call that your child is hurt. RJ tells him he understands. Brooke tells RJ that Ridge has to go.

Quinn goes back to the big house. She calls out for Eric, but no one is there. She stares at her portrait above the fireplace.

RJ and Coco are alone. He doesn't want her to feel guilty. She admits she was texting and not looking at the road. She wonders if she's any good for him. She tells him she's bad luck. She claims she will get the car fixed and pay for everything. RJ tells her she's good luck. He must be feeling better because they start kissing.

Ridge comes home and explains to Quinn about RJ. She admits that Eric threw her out, but she came back because she needed to talk to him. They wonder where he is. Quinn tells Ridge that Eric gave her everything and she blew it. She sits down and starts crying. Ridge comes down to her level and puts his hand on her shoulder.