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Perkie's Observations: Olivia and Ned Tie the Knot on General Hospital

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Lisa LoCicero, Wally Kurth

Lisa LoCicero, Wally Kurth

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Olivia Maria Falconeri and Edward Lawrence Quartermaine!

Laura, Monica, and Lulu desperately try to make sure Olivia doesn't see the news coverage of her drunken arrest from the night before. The wedding dress doesn't arrive in time (who in their right mind has their wedding dress delivered the same day?). Olivia spots the story. She decides she's brought shame to the Quartermaine name and that it's a sign she shouldn't get married.

Nina doesn't like Nelle's dress and offers her one of Crimson's designer gowns. Monica heads over to see Nina to get a replacement wedding dress for Olivia.

Ned receives a gift from Tracy. She sent monogramed champagne glasses with a lovely note. No mention is made at any time of Brook Lynn and why she wouldn't attend her father's wedding.

Ned hears about Olivia's distress. He heads over to assure her that he loves her and that it will all work out. When Monica returns with a replacement dress, Olivia decides the wedding is back on.

Meanwhile, Josslyn is being snotty (rightfully so) to Carly, who warns her to not to be disrespectful to Sonny. When Sonny arrives, he tells Josslyn that he feels badly for hurting her. He blames his grief for Morgan. He hopes Josslyn will accept him in her mother's life. Later, Josslyn heads out to meet Oscar.

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Also, there was non-wedding stuff with Ask Man Landers which, every time one of them said it, sounded like "Ass" Man Landers. Blah blah, blah, Nathan promises he'll tell Maxie the whole truth, then gives Amy advice about getting out more. It didn't fit into a wedding episode, but whatever.

Back at the wedding venue, CarSon are not happy to see Michael and Nelle walk in together. Michael tells his parents that he's dating Nelle and they need to suck it. (Okay, that was my interpretation of what he said!)

The women give Olivia their something old (earrings that were Connie's that she gave Dante years ago), something new (Charlotte), something borrowed (Laura's handkerchief) and something blue (Kiki's garter).

The ceremony begins. Charlotte, Rocco, and Leo walk down the aisle first. Next, Dante escorts Olivia. Apparently, Lulu is suddenly under the weather and lying down (because the show waited too long to film this wedding so, Emme couldn't participate).

Olivia has a lovely speech for Ned. Ned has a song for Olivia. They recite their vows and exchange rings.

Ned has fireworks for his new bride. 

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