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Coco Cracks Under Baker's Pressure on The Bold and the Beautiful

Courtney Grosbeck, Dan Martin, Katherine Kelly Lang, Anthony Turpel

Courtney Grosbeck, Dan Martin, Katherine Kelly Lang, Anthony Turpel

Brooke tells Coco that she wants to be alone with RJ. When they're alone, Brooke asks him how Coco crashed Ridge's car. RJ admits he wanted to impress Coco by letting her drive. Dense RJ doesn't understand that Brooke won't back off until she knows exactly what ha-happened.

In the hallway, Coco tells Sally she's at the hospital because she and RJ were in a car accident. Coco tells Thomas that RJ is okay. She explains what happened with Ridge's car, leaving out some important details. Sally assures her that accidents happen. Coco cryptically tells her it shouldn't have and hangs up on her. Lt. Baker pops into the hospital room. Coco comes in behind him. She admits she was driving and caused the accident.

Thomas calls the doctor and verifies that RJ is indeed okay and will be released later in the day. Sally wants to give Coco a good talking to, but Thomas thinks it can wait. Sally admits that she was a mother and a sister to Coco. She warns Thomas that if she's threatened she could be a case, and he doesn't want to see that.

Coco tells Baker she lost control and hit a tree. RJ pipes up that she wasn't used to driving a classic car with its wonky steering patterns. Baker thinks it's odd someone in Los Angeles would ever have a car accident and needs more answers. Brooke finally asks if Coco was texting.

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Sally is scared the bottom will fall out from under her, like it has before. Thomas wants her to focus on their competition with Steffy, but Sally whines that things never work out for her. Thomas notices that she's always negative and he's always positive.

Coco admits that she was texting. Baker says its illegal and throws stats out about texting, driving, and death. Brooke yells at RJ that they've had numerous talks about it. Coco tells her that she and Grams have to. RJ apologizes. Brooke is upset they did this despite all their warnings. Baker tells her there are consequences for her actions. He leaves to file a report. Brooke warns RJ that he won't be driving for a while.

Sally's office phone rings a thousand times before she answers it. Caroline is calling looking for Thomas. Sally tells her that he's out and to try his cell phone. She offers to take a message. Caroline acknowledges her and Thomas' relationship, but reminds Sally they have a son together. She would like him to call back.

Brooke follows Baker out of the room. RJ and Coco go back and forth about blame. She's wondering what will happen to her. She starts crying and thinking about the worst outcomes. She says she deserves her punishment. The adds that she thinks there is more to learn. RJ tells her that he will stick by her.

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